Shadow Hearts Jinpachiro The Would Have Been Hero Shadow Hearts 3

Shadow Hearts 3 is something that came up when Machida Matsuzo the director of Covenant revealed that he would have made Yuri father Jinpachiro aka Ben Hyuga for those who only played the first game the main character along with his brother in law Kurando dad. For those who are confused this would be a third game that would continue from covenant which unlike from the new world which was spin off title. With that out of the way there will be spoilers ahead so please play the games if you can as I cannot recommend them enough as an enjoyable time.

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I have been thinking about that and thinking as to what type story we would have gotten from Yuri garden angel. Yes the main plot of the game is impossible to know I think we can guess on the other side of the story. You see in Shadow Hearts one and  two we had technically 2 plots. In the first one while chasing Albert who was using Rodger Bacon name at the and protect Alice the player also had to deal with a curse that was put on Yuri head that involved the mask. This curse played a big role in the story as it dictated the ending as well as you getting Yuri ultimate fusion. In the second game Yuri had to deal wit Nicolai and Kato while trying to break the curse of mistletoe. This had players not only regain Yuri power but this too effected the ending. This other world connection I think we can see thanks to Jinpachiro and the link between him and seraphic radiance the god of destruction.

Jinpachiro in the first and second game acted as Yuri guardian as he held back radiance. both times We see Yuri loving father being the one holding back to great power that would other wise consume him. An interesting thing  to note considering that Albert as well as Chin stated the last time the ritual was done radiance over powered his father. More Albert as he said as Yuri tried to tame Seraphic after his awakening by fusing with him “at your level you would  just be swallowed up like the last one”. An interesting statement again as we see Jinpachiro seem to hold back radiance for Yuri with no problem in both games. Which leads me to what the supposed 3rd game other world plot point would have been Jinpachiro link with radiance.

I believe we would have seen Jinpachiro meet with the god destruction to show a link of some kind. Now as far as I know we only have been shown the scope of Jinpachiro power of fusion in the first game. The first game he appears to save Chin from be killed. In this fight we play as Yuri dad and see the final form of the dark elemental fusion. But as to this being his limit it is unclear. When Yuri gets to the inugami village we find out that most people of his father clan or village can fuse with one or 2 souls at max. Yuri is the exception to that rule. With Yuri he had a soul for all elements thanks to the life he lived as he explaination in story. In gameplay the main character as fusion has access to the other elements in a way to make them well rounded so you can use them in any occasion. With him being the main character/ main fusion Jinpachiro would have been the same way most likely having access to the whole elemental table. What that means for us is that he would also have the non elemental last with it most likely being radiance. Up to this point though we would learn see fate telling Jinpachrio that his fate and the god of destruction was intertwined.

But at the same time we would know that Jinpachiro wouldn’t keep radiance for ever.  Remember that Yuri gets him after he is released. So Jinpachiro will most likely release the soul of the god of destruction setting this for Yuri. How that would be would require an understanding of the main plot. If this is a prequel then it could be that Jinpachiro uses radiance power in order to avoid a calamity of some kind. With that being the case we can have Jinpachiro releasing Radiance to use his power only to face him again and lose.

That is how I would see it as the 3rd game to be relevant to other 2 could have that link. But those are my thoughts. Let me know yours as we await to hopefully see this series some day.

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