Fatespain Is Real. I Know It Is A little Confusing

Yes we have an update on Fatespain. Yesterday we heard that the new tease for a new fate series might be hoax. Well today we have Nagareboshi coming forward with a statement saying that it is infact a real thing.

“Nagareboshi SL is working on the Japanese-to-Spanish translation of an official product from the renowned Fate franchise, which will be announced by our client over the following days.

The @fatespain Twitter account has been spreading the website http://www.fatespain.com and its countdown, reporting on the remaining time for the announcement of the product. Both the website and the account are operated by our client with advertising ends.

Today, around 3pm, and after the report or complaint of one or multiple Twitter users, the account @fatespain has been suspended by the platform. Our client, after filing an appeal, has not been informed about the reasons behind the complaint nor about the identity of the complainant or complainants.

We would like to prevent the undermining of our client’s advertising efforts, who obviously prefers to remain anonymous until the time of the upcoming announcement in order to maintain the interest he knows the Spanish fan community of the Fate franchise harbors. Thus, Nagareboshi SL wants to send a message of reassurance in regards to this suspension. The account will be restored once the nature of the complaint or report is clarified and the pleas are processed.

As the reasons for the complaint or report are unknown, and in case of stemming from the suspicions of fans about the legitimacy of the account, we would like to send a message of trust as well. Our client is a professional Spanish company in possession of the adaptation and commercialization rights to said official product, and counts with the permission of the Japanese companies that own the pertinent intellectual properties.

In summary, everything is under control and soon the mystery about the product and the company that will bring it to you will be unveiled. We would like to thank you for your attention and ask that you keep an eye on social media in the following days.

We take this opportunity to send our most cordial greetings to all Fate fans.

Hugs to everyone, Luis Alis Nagareboshi SL CEO” Nagareboshi

Now if there are any more twist on this I will let you know.

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