Shadow Hearts 3 Would Be Party Members

Shadow Hearts 3 would have had Jinpachiro as the main character but he wouldn’t be alone along with Kurando father he would have a party with him as did the previous games. I believe counting Jinpachiro we have an idea on some of these members and I would state them for anyone interested.

Black bat  Jerome Valentine

Over  400 years old the granpa of the valentine family has no name to go bye. This happened with the other members of the valentine family as well as Joachim was only known as the golden bat until covenant ands Hilda was the pink bat before from the new world. So with Shadow Hearts 3 we would find out this elder of vampire family first name. For this lets calm Jerome. Being the elder of the family I think Jerome should be appear in his 50’s but this should also be his gimmick.

Each of the Valentines since covenant have a thing where they are not the same all the time. Changing forms a appearances. For Joachim it was normal, invisible, hero and bat,. Hilda was bat, thin, heavy and normal, Keith didn’t have the transformations. Instead his traits went into his brother gameplay. But for Jerome changes it should be with age. Youngest speed, oldest magic boost with mid twenties or thirties being the perfect peck of power for him. He will also have his bat which mush like the other will be a glass cannon. Glass cannon if you don’t know the term refers to having a lot of power but poor defense.

Image result for shadow hearts from the new world black bat

As far as his personality goes I think he should be similar to Zu Zhen and Geppetto . He should be the one of experience in the group. With that in mind as with the other 2 he should have some flaws as well. Maybe with him his ages causes him to chase women. What type of woman depends on the age.  But what about his special ability? Well for that we should look at Keith and Joachim. By that I mean a mix of physical attacks such as grand slam. (As it has been in the other games so we might as well keep it.) As well as magic attacks such as ritual which Keith did.  His weapon should be a cane. When he is old he should us it as a walking cane to cast long rang attack. When he is younger h should use it as a club or stick.

Image result for shadow hearts black bat

Kiheita Inugami

Jinpachiro brother in law was to be by his side in Sh3. Even though he went by no name in the covenant we learn later more details. Kiheita is one of the guardians of Japan along with Hyuga. He job would be to protect all the gods of Japan. This would make an interesting power for him to use in battle.

Kiheita would gain a new attack for the gods shrine he visited. Not only that but we can throw in a little of Shania ability into this. By that I mean he doesn’t just get new abilities with each shrine he goes to but he also gets states increase the same Shania did with some of her statues. This gives a nice system to us. As far as weapons go he is the sword guy. But not just as with any sword but bit one. The example of the sword from the spirit of the Orger.

As far his personality goes we don’t know. I think though we can use his duty as protecting gods here as he can have some strange conversations with them that doesn’t always sound right.  From normal conversations such as with the ring soul which are crazy in of itself he can also have conversations with ghost or normal objects that just go to weird. But at least that is how I see it for him. But the big thing about this is for Khieta is whether or not he would die in the story. You see both Khieta and Jinpachiro both died while there kids were young. Would or should this story have been the time for him to pass? That is something we need to see.


This leave us with one more. But who would that be as we don’t have any other hints. With no hints this might be a fan request. But who would the fans request to join his marry odd bunch? Why not Moaka as have someone with animal qualities has become a thing now. Moaka for those who don’t know is the new cat that Machida has picked up. One person suggested adding the new cat to the team but what can she do.

Well her ability can be called 9 lives. With each cat she meets she gets a new spell or power up . It can only be powered up 9 times which will be the max but each spell will have Maoka take the form of a cat from that life to do the attack. And with her ability out of the way that leads to personality.

Maoka is young hence should be the trouble maker of the group. Not mean spirited but not too serious. Hence they will be flighty. Maoka is a cat so there will be naps. As for weapons I think we should have collar for that.

Those are my choices and ideas for the group we should have or could get. Let me know your thoughts on it.

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4 Responses to Shadow Hearts 3 Would Be Party Members

  1. Mangacats says:

    I love your idea ! And I always loved Keith and Joachim. Well I loved everyone in shadow hearts lol This game would have been so much fun…I’m not a fan from the new world, because I think Shadow hearts is the story of yuri family, like Belmont to Castlevania. Well thanks for keeping the love alive !

    • jcphotog says:

      Thanks. I am one of many who are trying to keep hope alive. To give you some hope Machida said his 2nd game will be a shadow hearts alternative. So I keep a look out for that and suggest you do to. Again thanks for check me out.

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