Matsuzo Machida Studio Wild Rose Goals. Grow To Bring Back Shadow Hearts

Matsuzo Machida went to twitter to give fans the goals of him and his studio Wildrose. He did this when the studio was announced earlier this year but for those who wanted a full report we do get a lengthy response as to what Machida and the group are aiming to be.

Machida had his hand in the Shadow Hearts series from writer to director in covenant. So for most fans we hope he does well but we also hope as he prospers it means the chance for us to see Shadow Hearts return grows as well. Machida if yo read this I hope you the best. I hope team the best and I hope Maoka the best. And congrats On Shadow Hearts 18th  Anniversary the first one. Thank you .

Here is the twitter link and if you want to show the studio and Machdia the love.

If you want to read it check it out below.  At the very bottom you can see a new picture of Alice and Yuri that was done.

It has been about three months since i started the company in the last spring of Heisei. In the meantime, I had the opportunity to meet a variety of people, regardless of the industry, and i was like, “Did you finally make it?” What kind of company? Why did you start a company?

Because there were many things asked, this time I think I’ll write a little bit about that side in this blog.

The mystery of studio Wild Rose that everyone wants to know!?

First of all, Studio WildRose is such a company.

・A company that produces a variety of entertainment around stories and pictures.

・A company that is comfortable with the creators (writing and drawing).

A company where creators can make things forever.

Even grandpa and grandma can work, become senior Ghibli in the game industry, senior PIXAR.

It is a company that can honestly express what we want to convey to our users, especially children, even though they are said to have an old sense of old sense and that they are such a bad-ass person.

A company with cats.

The workplace is always full of healing and thrill, because we respect the basic right to nyan and allow freedom of nyan theory.

A company that has nothing to do with crowded trains.

I’m the king of the country because I’m on a crowded train, so I’ll eventually rent an office where employees gather, but i’m still working in soho environment for a while.

A company with a full scouting system.

Therefore, we will not reply even if you apply. By the way, if i describe the qualification to join the company, the age is 45 years or older. It is a company where people who have a lot of hard work and hard work with rich life experience, have struggled and hurt, but still love to make things. Single mothers and single fathers after child-rearing are also welcome.

The comeback team that was away from the site for a while is also welcome.

・The salary cannot be so high, but it is not cheap a decent company.

There is no silly drinking party to care about, and there is no need for misunderstood communication skills that a high-minded system respects.

A company that values one sentence and one picture created by each employee.

A company that strives diligently every day to meet the expectations of fans all over the world.

And, it is a company which returns the favor to the people when it is profitable. ……

And, well, this is the ideal to go practice machida. It’s important to make money to do what you want to do, but it’s second, and it’s more about the noble philosophy and the good cause, the more familiar and more common, and the goal of sincerely facing life is more enjoyable. The most important thing is to make it a company that can work energetically forever in the future when the labor force itself ages due to the declining birthrate.

(2) Why did you decide to create Studio WildRose? To do what you want to do. The biggest reason is not to be selfish, but to live as if you want to. Because freedom is obtained, the responsibility which accompanies it is shouldered. I’ll steer my life by myself.

It is the lyrics of Miyuki Nakajima’s masterpiece “Sofune”.

Also, I wanted a place where I could have fun making things with people I wanted to work with.

What kind of company would you like to make Studio WildRose in the future?

As I mentioned earlier, it is a company that can make things no matter how old you are. “Over there, what are we going to make next?

It’s a company that’s excited by fans.

We will disseminate original content in a variety of genres, not just games. And, young people are adopted there for the first time when the company comes to turn by the grandfather and the grandmother. I want you to make things freely in the environment that we prepared freely. I want you to inherit the enjoyment of making things.

I’m happy if I can do it that way.

And, very little supplement about work. Studio Wildrose does not have the ability to mass produce text or illustrations. I’ll leave that to a large company with a large number of people. Instead, I believe that it can be of considerable help in terms of composition and design, such as the concept of the project and the story structure, what kind of story is suitable for this game, and how it is interesting to develop it.

Of course, if machida is the amount that one person can write, I will write the scenario willingly. In addition, the development of SNS recently obscured the barrier between professional and amateur writers and illustrators, and in some cases, we have seen the appearance of being bought at a very low price. It is very unfortunate. In such a situation, I am always thinking about what the sentences I really need are and what art is really needed, and i am focused on building together how to come up with the color and concept of the product.

I try not to treat what is said to the creators who are capable of doing anything just to make them draw and write.

Above, I have beaten writing while thinking about the company.

Thank you very much for reading to the end. Studio Wild Rose will continue to be a one-wheeled wild rose that will be swayed in a fluffy style at the edge of the industry.

Please watch the flowering of the bud warmly.

Oddly enough, shadow hearts were born on the 18th anniversary of their birth. Matsuzo Machida






































 奇しくも SHADOW HEARTS が生まれて18年目を迎えた日に。

 町田 松三


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  1. Mangacats says:

    Wow . It’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing and the translation. Lot of love in this company…and cats lol . I will need to redo shadow hearts 1 and 2 again … We need a HD collection. It’s been 18 years already…Happy birthday yuri and Alice !! Love the picture so much . Thanks !

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