Shadow Hearts 3 Rounding Out The Cast

We are going to be rounding out the cast for the Shadow Hearts 3 would be game that we have been doing here. This will be my thoughts on the last playable character as well as non playable ones

Again this refers to Shadow Hearts 3 which was planned to be a prequel and not from the new world which was a spin off. These are my thoughts on who would be in it from playable to non. If you have any ideas on the cast or anything about this let me know and I will answer to the best of my ability.

Father Elliot

If you don’t remember Father Elliot or Morris Elliot don’t feel bad as the game begun with us learning of his demise and Alice being the only survivor. But since this takes place in the past we could look at as another possibility to round out the crew.

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Lets start with personality. We are talking about Alice father so maybe he should have the same views to show where se got her good nature and personality from. This can also go into him being the heart of the group as they make there way on the journey. As far as him in combat I see him using a Rosemary neckless as a wipe. I don’t want to give him Alice book weapon as it was hear weapon and him hitting enemies with it wouldn’t seem as funny. But I do want it to be part of his special ability which I will cover shortly.

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Basically I see him being are caster learning from book of legends and power. Morris can either equip them or read them. This can give him a mechanic which he can master a spell after a certain number of times he has the book equipped in battle. How that will work depends on the spell.

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Now since we are talking about power I believe we should be clear that the one thing we do know about him is that he was an extraordinary exorcist. With that in mind we will have to compare him to Alice an the other casters such as Albert. The thing is we know he doesn’t compare as Albert was the one he was hunting and he was looking for Rodger Bacon to take him on he just didn’t know it. Not only that but as Alice was the key of light and opposite of Kodelka who was the key of Darkness. Kodelka was forced to help Albert through him threatening her son and then used Amon hoping to over power her. So in terms of power he is not at there level but I do have him above Nicolai without Astaroth.

None Playable

This going to be tricky as I can only see a few here but who they depends on how Machida and the others would write the game. But I can see Albert Simon in the game but he would be calling himself Rodger Bacon. Remember Albert is posing as Rodger at this moment so he would probably tell many people to call him by this name in order to keep it going.

Albert Simon

Image result for shadow hearts alice father

Plus this could explain what put Morris on to Albert trail in the first place. If you had forgotten then let me remind me you. Father Elliot was tracking down Albert when he was killed by him. Why he was hunting this warlock wasn’t explained only that he was after him and knew he needed help.  This back story if we have Alice father in it could serve as a precursor to why that happens.  If that is the case though that means we will have to see how he gets Kodelka as it is revealed he had a hand not only getting her but the events in that game. (Kodelka is the game that started it all.)

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But if he is in the game then we have no Rodger which will feel odd to say the least.

Rodger Bacon

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Rodger Bacon for those who might only have played one of the games has been in all of them. But we must face facts that if Albert is in the game he must be out as Morris has no idea who he is nor did Alice hence why we have for the first part of the game Everyone calling Albert Rodger.

Image result for shadow hearts rodger

The only way this would be able to work is if Father Elliot isn’t in the party for to long. If we have Alice father in the party in the first half and then get him replaced by someone else in the second then we still met Rodger without messing up the time line.

But how would we met him. Remember the teleporter? We well we could have Rodger appear through the teleporter in some random place still trying to work out the issues. Or we can have that happen all the time and have that be one of the many odd things that we keep up with and get various things from. (Below is how Rodger Looked in Kodelka)

Ring Soul

Image result for shadow hearts ring soul

You knew he was coming. Admit it you knew it. Ring Soul is the person to give us attack boost and so on during the game along with some comical and odd moments. Even though they have only been in 2 games they are basically for modifying you judgement ring in various ways in a very entertaining fashion.

Related image

Now to be clear this is the ring soul is a family job which means we can have this 2 ways. 1 this could be the one we meet in Covenant before he had the family. Or we could continue the theme of prequel by having this be one his parents or relatives. Maybe a big brother or Grandpa who can’t stop complaining about the family.

Ann Hyuga Aka Karin

Image result for shadow hearts ann hyuuga

Ann Hyuga Yuri mother might appear in the game. This all depends on how it was going to be written. But even though we got to play her in Covenant remember that she is a normal woman without Solomn map and her sword. Plus this is for non playable and for the most part Machida seem to be giving us new character to play with. For the most part.

But that doesn’t mean Ann doesn’t have a role to play. Depending on how far back this goes we will either have a new couple or family expecting. it depends on how this was written or will be.

Image result for shadow hearts karin

That is it for now. Remember these are just my thoughts on who would make the team and who we would see. In my next post about this I may add more to the non playable but I think the main cast is set unless I can think of another candidate. If you have any let me know and next post on this I will talk about battle system ideas.

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