Shadow Hearts 3 New Game Character And The Rest

We will be continuing our talks on Shadow Hearts 3 the prequel that never happened. This time we will be talking about character once more but separating between new game plus characters.

Again this will refer Shadow Hearts 3 and not from the new world which was the 3rd game in the series but was said to be by Matsuzo Machida a spin off.  Also there maybe spoilers ahead so please check out the previous games as you will find them enjoyable. AGIAN SPOILERS AHEAD.

Now I did say I was done with the characters but I had to state my opinion on new game plus as well as some more non playable characters that are probability or would have been in there. We will start with new game characters. This begins with someone data mining the first game revealing that Yoshiko Kawashima was supposed to be playable but cut from the game due changes.

This had me thinking about character who people could play at the end of the game and whether Machida and the rest would allow that. I would say yes as this data mining also show that were supposed to be able to play with Be/ Jinpachiro  Hyuga aka Yuri dad more often.

This might mean that a new game plus idea was on the minds of the development team they didn’t have the time. With that being said I see them doing this and the might try to here or would have for the prequel. But who would be in it is hard t say. This would involve know who you would face as you can just switch out them for party members just for because you want to with the story still featuring the main party.  Similar to how Disgaea does it.

Now there was a new game plus for Shadow Hearts sort of speak but that was more for Yuri souls and not for characters from what I know which brings us to something as we will now be looking into non playable characters again this time with the Hyuga and Valentine families.

Hyuga Family

Image result for shadow hearts hyuga family

“This is not my work but here is the artist”

Now this is important as Machida has confirmed that the Shadow Hearts series should center around Yuri blood line or the Hyuga blood line similar to how Jojo Bizarre Adventure has to have a Jostar in there to some degree as the main. But with that being the case it would mean we got to see more of the Hyuga family.

Image result for shadow hearts saki

Right now we have from those born into the blood line Yuri, Jinpachiro, Kurando and Saki. If we are going back we would most likely get to see other family members such as Jinpachiro and Saki parents or even cousins. You never know.  This would also answer some question about fusion such as does it effect aging as well as other things that were left up in the air.

Image result for shadow hearts saki

One such thing is why fusion can’t use magic. Now this just magic as Fusion can use magic but they have to use there souls and do not get to use the other form of magic that the rest of the cast use such as crest in covenant case or astral signs in from the new world. Yes it stated with Covenant with Yuri being said to be to dumb to use by Geppto and rest but it continued with Kurando and Shania. Thus it is a character type flaw which deserves some lore to go with it.  You know the back ground lore which gives characters weight similar to summon story in Final Fantasy or Personas in persona.

Image result for shadow hearts covenant yuri magic

If I was writing the story for the game I would have maybe Jinpachiro father explain that there spirits won’t allow them to use other powers but there own. This would explain why they can’t use it on most cases refuses to. It would also explain Albert Simon is he is a true fusion that he was using the power of his souls when using magic. Remember we did find out he was a fusion towards the end of the game.

Image result for shadow hearts albert simon

But that is not all as the Hyuga family could also set up fusion lore. If fusion does effect aging and by that I mean slow it down then we can talk about group of people who were also fusions go back to Pangia the first content. This can be a good link to show a way distant link between them and Shania family from the new world or others depending on how Machida and rest went about it.

Valentine Family

Now for those new to the game Valentines are the vampires of the game. Keith was the first one we played being tradition vampire with abilities and fashion sense. But that changed and since the first game they have become a staple  But with Gerome (the name I gave to the black bat in from the new world as history dictates he would appear in this game party as the others did before him.) It mean we would also get introduced to other members of the family.

Image result for shadow hearts valentine family

The picture above is from the first game which shows the coffins in the room. There are about 9 and we have only been introduced to 4 Joachim, Keith, Hilda and Gerome. Now we can meet the family members in 2 ways which have become part of the game.

Image result for shadow hearts valentineImage result for shadow hearts valentine

Above is Keith Valentine who was introduced in the first shadow hearts. He was the first vampire we got to see but we met him in human form. We didn’t really get to see his silver bat form until covenant.  This is important as the bat form is how we have com to get introduced to the next Valentine for the next game. Gold was Joachim which was playable in covenant and pink was hilda who became playable in from the new world.  Not only that but this introduction would occur for side quest.

Image result for shadow hearts valentine bats

Image result for shadow hearts valentine bats

With that in mind it means we would be introduced a new Valentine member during Gerome side quest. But that might not be the only one. To give you an example in both Covenant and From The New World you see all three members of  the Valentine family. You have Joachim in your party but both Hilda and Keith are in the game as bats. We then catch up with them in From The New Word with Keith needing our help and Joachim needing someone to slap some sense into him. (If you played covenant you knew it was bond to happen at some point. You are just surprised it wasn’t Yuri.)

Image result for shadow hearts from the new world joachim

Image result for shadow hearts from the new world hilda sidequest

Image result for shadow hearts from the new world joachim

But this means that we could potentially see more than one new Valentin member or old one depending on how the game goes. To give you an idea here is a list of all the valentines from the coffin room in the first game.

  • Abel Valentine – Unknown family member
  • Edgar Valentine – Unknown family member
  • Frank Valentine – Unknown family member
  • Helen Valentine – Unknown family member
  • Leon Valentine – Unknown family member
  • Maria Valentine – Unknown family member
  • Robin Valentine – Unknown family member
  • Steven Valentine – Unknown family member

Interesting note here is that none of them are Joachim or Hilda who we got to play as. Meaning not only would the developers had these to chose from but also other that can probably not live in the castle.

Image result for shadow hearts golden bat sidequest

Image result for shadow hearts golden bat sidequest

What dose this mean for lore. Well lore wise Valentines can set up history for Vampires in the game. So far we don’t have much history accept for the antics of the siblings in question. That could change and show more of the vampire world.  Of if they are to be the only vampires other monster families such as werewolves. It all depends on where the development would take this.


If we are going back we might see this man as well. Dehuai ran the dark criminal magic world of China. He was the major boss in Shadow Hearts 1 and we might see him again in the prequel . Of course though he will not resemble how we remember him.

Dehuai when we see him in Shadow Hearts was heavily injured and scared. Add the fact the graphic difference and what we would get is someone who we probably wouldn’t recognize in his younger days. But this would have us look into why we would be seeing him so soon before Jinpachiro final days? It could be preparations for it. Lets not forget Dehuai had to gather the items he needed and we didn’t exactly learn how  he did that other than how he got Alice. This would show us that side as how he acquired it. But I think I will cover that in another post as it will another topic.

That is all I think of the returning characters and non playable ones. Let me know what you guys think of it. Remember this is just conversation on wo would be in the game. At least as far as I can think off. Let me know your thoughts on this as we hope to see Shadow Hearts return some day.

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