Persona 5 Royal Combination, Moves, Persona Traits & More

Persona 5 Royal has some new details for us to check out. This thanks to an ask Morgan video that has been posted. The video is in Japanese but has posted bulletin points as to what is covered. You can check them out below as await this new version of P5 release.

  • “Show Time” is the name of the combination attacks between members of the Phantom Thieves. You unlock these special moves called Show Time by deepening the bond between Phantom Thief members.


  • Each Personas have added “Traits.” There are all kinds of different Traits, and they can be inherited after fusing.


  • There are new accessories that add certain skills used in combat. By mixing and matching you can expand on your strategies in battle.


  • Baton Pass now have ranks. By increasing the  rank you can get extra damage, HP recovery, SP recovery, and such. By connecting with each member, the last one gets 0 skill cost.


  • The new Kichijoji area has places where you can enjoy Darts with the members of the Phantom Thieves. By improving your teamwork here you can increase Baton Pass rank.


  • By playing billiards with the Phantom Thieves you’ll deepen the bond between members while also improving on yourself.


  • During the night you can visit the Jazz Club to do some late-night bonding.


  • There are all kinds of other stores to check out, including a Thrift Store where you can trade in equipment found in the Palace and Mementos for money. You can get various rewards by racking up points from item exchanges.


  • The Morgana Report #4 will be shared in August 2019.



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