Paramount & Sony On How Hollywood Need To Do Right In Order To Do A Good Anime Movie

Hollywood will make anything into a movie even anime. Which hasn’t gone well as many anime adaptations seem to hit a wall with fans as well as movie goers in general. But Hollywood still hasn’t given up and looking forward to do more anime live action movies we must how can they get this right and will they even try? Luckily some people in Hollywood have decided to give it an honest go.

“Look at Game of Thrones. People are willing to go deep into world building over a period of time. Series adaptations is a great way to go (for longer manga series), There’s a lot of movie adaptations of manga in the works, but there’s not many live action TV series adaptations. When you condense a manga series into 2 hours, you do a disservice to the world-building that the fans love so much.”Maya Kambe of Paramount Pictures

“It comes down to story & character. I’ve seen an increase in stories that have more universal appeal — that work locally and can be enjoyed globally. Eventually, we’ll see more content that will check all the boxes for global audiences.”Tony Ishizuka

Image result for alita battle angel


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