Tsukihime Remake We Hope For News With Frustration

If you are of Tsukihime then waiting for news on Tsukihime Remake has left you feeling like this.  Or to be more precise into doing something like this.

We beg for news on the remake but get no response something that has left us frustrated in the endless silence or jaded thinking the game has been silently canceled with Type Moon not wanting to tell us. A feeling that many have but are still hoping for.

We ask for news every day hoping for some news to drop that makes the wait wroth it. Yet we are left with nothing making us hope for new the following day. This alone can lead to frustration but the fact we see Type Moon other series in the Fate/ franchise keep going only adds fuel to the fire.

Image result for type moon fate newsImage result for type moon fate news

Now this fire hurts as we have had the game announced and until we get the remake it seems the Tsukihime franchise is frozen in place. The dead halt has many some thinking the series is dead in the same cases. And while we could compare to this being similar to Final Fantasy VII Remake and Square Enix dead silence it isn’t the sane. When development went in house for FF7 it went silent but we still got little things that showed progress. Also with the silence Square Enix Nomura explains Kingdom hearts 3 first than FF7R. Yes we had doubt but he made up for it in June beginning the wave of expos and info reveals fans have been waiting for. Type Moon right now has only last year commented on the anniversary of the remake announcement. So far that is it.

This was frustrating but at the same time something. It is assign Type Moon is still thinking about the game and thus we hope will do the same thing Square Enix did with Final Fantasy VII Remake.  Basically we are hoping that they have been not telling us anything as they go over everything from Shiki glasses to how Arcueid new skirt should move so when we see it that it knocks are socks off.  This is what hope is after all. That despite everything telling you one thing you believe in the opposite with conviction. A belief that is shared by many but how strongly will differ from person to person. Only until we see something new on Tsukihime Remake and we are again on the hype train waiting for the next stop let alone the final on being the release. And I hope when that hype train start moving we are on it together. We still have the rest of the year to see what they will show us.

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