Darksiders 3 Keep Void Is Playable For Some

It seems some lucky fans got o play Darksiders 3 for a little bit with new continent. At least an unfinished version. You see some Xbox One players got a look at Keepers Of The Void. The second DLC for the game coming out this week on the 16th. Well.

If you are upset don’t be. I am calling it  a peek as it is unfished. Not only are the achievements missing. There are also textures missing as well. The update is coming out July 16th so we will see what will happen then.

[I think someone mixed up an update and the actual DLC in an unfinished state, there no background layer textures are missing, hard-line textures are still there (the things that indicate were something should be.) there are gaps in the scenery and it suffers from major pop in were entire chunks of the environment just appear out of mid air,” the player said, detailing some of the other issues they encountered.

Gunfire Games, the developer of Darksiders III, replied to the post to say that this state of the DLC was one from a previous time back when the New Game+ feature was released. The developer said it’s not sure why the DLC is appearing for some players, but playing it could affect one’s game and isn’t recommended.

“This is the state of the dlc2 content that was in there when we shipped ng+(notice there wasn’t a patch to get access to this),” Gunfire Games said. “We’re not sure why it started popping up, likely something to do with the platform as we have not released anything. Playing this may screw up your save for when the real one comes out so we would advise not playing it as there will likely not be a fix for it.”]


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