Shadow Hearts 3 Where Shall It Be

Today we will be talking about Shadow Hearts 3 the prequel that never happened. This time we will be talking about where the game will take place. There will be spoilers so please if you don’t want to be spoiled check out the games in the series. AGAIN SPOILERS AHEAD.

Also this will be discussing the prequel that was supposed to be the next game in the franchise not from the new world (which was the 3rd  game to be released). This as Machida said from the new world was a spin off so the game I will be mentioning would be the next one in the main line.

Most likely Shadow Hearts 3 would takes place on the Eurasia continent as Shadow Hearts and Covenant (Shadow Hearts 2) did. Well That make it easy and not so much. Shadow Hearts is not like most JRPG where they give a world map and an avatar to walk it. Basically spot and dungeons up as the story progresses or you find the right people to talk to.  This may give you an are to check out but it might not be the same as you will be checking out a different place.

Image result for shadow hearts world map

Now I think this will be similar to Shadow Hearts 1 which was going from Asia to Europe. This matters as it dictates who in the main party we will be meeting. But if we are going from Asia to Europe it means we might be stating off with Saki in our  party. Which means Jinpachiro may come home tell his family about his mission and as he leaves Saki decides to tag along against his wishes.  We would probably met Kiheita down along the waygoing to as well as the cat Moako (Machida cat and someone who fans are beginning to like). This makes 4 which makes this party ready for combos and thus ready to go.

Image result for Shadow hearts Saki

Now this can open up now place for us to visit such as Kora, India along with old places such as well. Now this is so long as the person we are looking for goes there. In Shadow Hearts 1 you the first part on the run second part looking for Albert. This had you running from side of the continent to the other. So it comes down to who they are chasing as to where they go. Whether that is for information as We saw in Covenant when Yuri had to get the Emegra Manuscript to trade to Nicolai for Roger or bein more direct with the person such when we were looking for Gilbert or Albert Simon.

Image result for shadow hearts albert simon

Image result for shadow hearts nicolai

Image result for shadow hearts gilbert

But of course this hunt for the villain doesn’t dictate everywhere you go. That can also be for side quest. This might be tricky but not so much when you look at one thing. Shadow Hearts as a tendency to use real world location and myths for there games. The mirror castle in Covenant was based on a real mansion where someone tried to revive there wife. Salt lake in South America  in From The New World was based on the real salt lakes. Meaning that some locations will be based on the real world or myths from those cultures.

Image result for shadow hearts mirror castle

Image result for shadow hearts salt lakes

There are some places granted that would be in the game as fans would like to see. One of them is Rodger house. Rodger house was in first 2 games and was planned to  be in the From the new world. The only thing is that it would be his American home. No really they have concepts for it as you can see below. It just got cut. The video below will show that as I cannot find the picture.

Now of course as we have discussed you might not get in as the party might not be allowed in. If you missed that post one of my viewers suggested that Alice father is in the party. He would be a welcome edition but  if he was in the party that means we couldn’t know anything about Roger as that would miss up the time line for the fist game.  But before we leave we have to take in one more type of locations which are the alien relics that have been left behind.

Image result for Shadow Hearts the float

Image result for shadow hearts the gate

All 3 Shadow Heart games have had these ancient relics appear. They are from another race that are either in out space or from another dimension. It is hard to say since the only one we met in the game was Meta god the final boss in Shadow Hearts and the player happen to kill him in order to make it through. Now these places are often related to great power or powerful spirits. These spirits vary depending on who we are talking to or about. In From the new world they dealt with Malice summoned by Lady in the previous Shadow Hearts we saw one also controlled by Rasputin when he was possessed.

Image result for shadow hearts Rasputin

Image result for shadow hearts lady from the new world opening the gate

And with that all bases are covered. If you have any ideas on this let me know. Again these are my thoughts if you want to dicusses them or have any ideas on Shadow Heart topics let me know.

Next SH post will be on Keith only this time it will be about giving him another chance in the main party. Until.

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