Shadow Hearts Sequel Keith Valentine Playable Again

Today we will be discussing Shadow Sequel. This is not about 3  that we have been talking about but after as 3 was planned to be a prequel to the series with Jinpachiro, his would be brother in law. This would be Shadow Hearts 4 as it continued after the event of Covenant.

Now there will be some spoilers ahead so if you don’t want them stop. If you want play the game or check out videos on YouTube. AGIAN SPOILER WARNIG. STOP NOW OR BE SPOILED.

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 Keith Valentine

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Now as we established Keith was the first of the vampire Valentine family were introduced to. If you didn’t see Keith he was a traditional vampire character from his looks to his abilities. And his abilities are the reason why I think he needs to come back. His big brother added a mechanic that both Hilda and Joachim used which were transformations. These would go from human to bat to 2 extra. For Joachim it was normal, hero, invisible and bat. For Hilda it was human thin, bat, heavy and hero with hero being both heavy and thin.

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Now this won’t be to hard to imagine or speculate as we apply the system for Keith. Being Valentine we know he will have human and bat form. We also know that he will be able t turn invisible as that I how we meet him. Or at least that is how Zhuzen and Alice meet him in his castle.

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Now as we learned from Joachim the invisible form makes you harder to hit. As for the Bat you are glass cannon. Meaning you can deliver heavy damage but your low life and defense in this form makes you very week.  So what does this mean for are dear Nobel friend. Well it means the only one that would be brand new would be his forth form. This forth form will need to complement his special ability which mean that Keith 4th form need to compliment his special ability which was rituals.

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These rituals were dark spells. This means that Keith 4th form need to complement this. So we need this to be a caster. Lets call it dark knight . This helps with not only special attacks but also normal magi spells. Similar to how curvy Hilda and Grand Papion Joachim increased all physical attacks. For looks we have 2 choices. We can do a mask similar to his siblings but in Keith case it will be darker. Or a cape making look more Nobel then he already does. Basically from knight to lord.

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Why so dark? 2 reason really. 1 it is to separate him from Joachim and Hilda who both used bright mask. 2nd if we get another Shadow Hearts Machida will be at the helm as many see him as a reason for it to come back through his studio wild rose. Meaning it will be darker. A little history for you is when Machida first did Shadow Hearts it was meant to be an adult JRPG with Covenant being a compromise of sorts. There for a dark tone similar to the original or Covenant would be what we see in the end.

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If you are wondering about story well that can be easily arranged. Story can have him on his own adventure once more checking out the world as he first did with Yuri. Something that made him so happy that he went an told Joachim about. Or we can have him chasing his siblings. It comes down to what the writer thinks is best.

That is all I have for now. Again this is my opinion on what should be in Shadow Hearts 4 the sequel to Covenant and not prequel Shadow Hearts 3  or the spin off From The New World. If you have suggestions let me know.

I do this to not only talk about Shadow Hearts as a fan but also to show other fans you are not alone. We may be scattered but there is a lot of us. do search on twitter with Shadow Hearts or #shadowhearts and you will be surprised as to how many want this game to return just like us.

So with that I will leave it here. Next time I will talk about lore of the series with Fusions. Until then

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