#Shadowhearts#Koudelka The Fans Exist I Assure You

Someone twitter is asking for some love to be shown for Shadow Hearts and Koudelka. It is understandable thing as in some case this series gets little love. But as I have tried to prove there is a fan base out there. Fans who love Shadow Hearts and Koudelka. (Koudelka is the prequel to Shadow Hearts with Shadow Hearts basically being a sequel as most of the characters from that game show up in the 1st one.)

With that being said the reason why you may see people talk about to and far between is that we  haven’t had a new game in the franchise for a while now. Thus hyped has died down with many seeing this as another beloved series that has died. This leaves die hard fans asking when they can but they are not the only ones. So if you are like person I suggest you check twitter but don’t just do #shadowhearts or #koudelka. Look under Shadow Hearts  in any form you can think off and you will see people still talking about. From playing the old games to asking for an HD collection to a remake.   Check out YouTube and you see many lets plays from fans of the series to Game Informer giving it a go. Most of the lets play get 1000 or more views.


Image result for koudelka fan art

As for the future of the series it is not complete dead. Machida Matsuzo who directed Covenant and wrote SH1 has a new studio called Wild Rose. He has stated he would make a spiritual successor to the Shadow Hearts series. So for all fans of Shadow Hearts or Koudelka be positive. There is still a possible future for this series that will be supported by many beloved fans when it comes out.

Studio websitehttps://www.studiowildrose.jp/

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