One Piece Live Action Series Announced

One Piece has many thing to its name. Now it can add live action. You read right as it was announced that a live action series based on the crazy rubber man is in the works. A dauting task for sure. But if it makes anyone any better we know who the writer of the series will be.

Matt Owens will be writing the series. Matt was a writer on Marvel Netflix series Luke Cage. He also helped with the adaptation for Agents Of Shield and The Defenders.

One Piece is the most beloved story in my life. To be trusted by Oda-Sensei and everyone at Shueisha and Tomorrow Studios to take on the huge task of adapting this epic, heart-warming adventure into live-action is the greatest honor.

I want to make the most of my passion forOne Piece by creating a thrilling live-action series which is faithful to the original story and will not only satisfy longtime fans, but bring in new fans as well.”

If you are still concerned Owens has someone to vouch for him. producer Marty Adelstein says that Matt is the right person to bring this crazy pirate anime to life.

“When I first saw Matt’s presentation explaining his vision of the live-action adaptation, I thought he would be perfect for the job. What impressed me the most is that he is a true One Piece fan. I am very excited to be able to work with a scriptwriter as talented as Matt.”

Now I will admit this is going to be challenge. Not only with the action as is my concerns when ever someone says they want to make an anime into a live action. This hinders on translating actions but also characters. Luffy and his crews aren’t just known by there stories but actions as they can have some of the silly/ craziest faces you have ever seen and get into some off the oddest issues. But if anyone should take a shot at bringing a series about the rubber man to life it might as well be Marvel.

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