Granblue Fantasy Versus Will Have English Dub & Will Be Playable At Evo 2019

Granblue Fantasy Versus will be playable at Evo 2019. But that is no all as we find out the localization will include English dubbing. The dubbing will be done by Cygames not Xseed or Arc System Works.

“XSEED won’t actually be doing the localization.will be doing all of the localization for this title, and yes, we will have the dubs.” Cygames’ Executive Director Yuito Kimura

As for the voice acting the anime had English voices which means we can most likely hope that the same actors will reprise there roles. I am using the word likely as sometimes actors are switched out for one issue or another.

Granblue dub 1 out of 1 image gallery


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