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Shadow Hearts is a JRPG series with people of various abilities. Today we will be looking at ability that belongs to mostly the main characters which is Fusion. This will contain spoilers to please if you don’t want to be spoiled stop now. AGAIN SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Now in order to begin we must explain what a fusion is. A fusion is someone with the ability to fuse there soul with another. In most cases it is with monster. These monsters can be what have worshipped as gods or other creatures. This character can be instrumental as you can have them take on any role you need in the party by fusing into the elemental soul needed.  Introduced under the title Harmoinxer we have seen 3 types. 1 is from the main games which is Shadow Hearts 1 & 2(Shadow Hearts Covenant) . This was introduced by Yuri who we see as having a wide range of souls. The majority he has to awaken in his graveyard which exist inside of him. 2 of them Amon and Radiance he merged with outside his body. We also learn that it is an ability that is found in Japan only to see that get thrown out the window in a way.

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By fusing with these monsters you gain there power but on the down side you also gain there weaknesses. So if you fused someone of fire element you will have incredible strength but you will be weak to water magic. This would be the one down side in the game as you would have to chose which soul to awaken and bring with you wisely. But that isn’t the only weakness. The weakness is that if you cannot conquer the soul they get you and thus you can be lost. We see this with Yuri when Radiance takes over in SH1 and swallows his soul.

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The weaknesses above can be applies to all versions of Fusion as that is there down sides that continue with the game. The next version comes with Yuri family as we get a look at normal Hyuga members ability with Saiki and Kurando. We met them covenant and find out more about Yuri heritage. Basically Yuri is special when it comes to fusion.

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Yuri Aunt and cousin reveal to the player that normally Hyuga member only have 1 or 2 fusions. Yuri is the exception thanks to the life experience he has had. This experience in life possible enlightened him in a way and thus he can tap into these other fusion souls.

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The last version is shown by Shania in from the new world. This version has Shania facing off with gods Native American tribes to prove her right to use there power. But what is different in this form is the fact that each one leaves a physical mark resembling tattoo as well as using small alters to increase there power. Yuri did this in a way of restoring the monster powers after being hit with the mistletoe curse. Shania uses this to increase there natural power to full. Also Shania doesn’t get multiple souls for one element. she instead only gets one and they are mixed elements.

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Now after this it gets a little difficult . We also have those show signs of fusion but may not really be fusions. This bring us to Albert Simon. Introduced as the main bad guy in the original game Albert is shown to be a fusion by Yuri saying he is one during the fight with Amon.

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The reason why this can’t count as real fusion is because Albert had made a soul pact with Amon. This could have very well have been him tapping into the full power of the non elemental thus transforming into him. We saw the same with Nicolai and Ashtaroth in the tower Nicolai took on Ashtaroth form for last fight on the 1 disc.

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Also Albert is known as a warlock of immense power. The reason why this matters is because it seems Shadow Hearts Covenant and From the New World establish that fusions can only use magic or power from there fusion souls. Which means Albert casting magic spells that don’t fit in with Amon shows he isn’t a fusion but someone who made a soul pact and towards the end of SH 1 tapped into it. So that means he isn’t really a fusion. But then again it does get difficult what bonus abilities you get from fused souls without transforming into them. From Yuri we see regeneration is one thing you get.

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We see Yuri reattach his arm but there is one draw back. This is the only time his regeneration is shown or referred to. The reason why this is a down side is that we don’t know then how far his healing power go. If you are a marvel fan you know not all healing powers are the same so this would be nice to see. The only other example we have Albert getting punched by Yuri to the point that he should be dead. Albert isn’t a fusion by nature but with  Amon soul we see that he used some power to heal himself.

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But that is not the only gray area with fusions. Fusions it seems can be affected by curses and telepaths. Telepaths as Kodelka transmits into Yuri head and with it affects him greatly. This has brought him to one knee from the painful migraine headache that occurs when ever he gets a message.  Besides psychics we also have Yuri shown being affected by curses. In the first game we get the mask and in the second mistletoe. We don’t know how Yuri became under the curse  of the mask but you can defeat them in the game with the grail you pick in disc 2. Story wise Alice sacrifices herself for Yuri soul to be free from the mask.  The mistletoe on the other hand Yuri found no answer.

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We also have an issue of how to asses a Fusion or harmonixer skill. This basically comes down to Yuri and Jinpachiro. This goes back to Radiance where he swallowed up Jinpachiro only to have him be the one who stops him from swallowing up Yuri soul. With this in mind he must have a great deal of power or he knows something or someway to hold Seraphic Radiance back. Which means there some skill to this power and not just will that we haven’t seen displayed yet.

Now with that said we should talk about who is the strongest. This will not be easy for  1 reasons.   Fusions powers are based on the souls they have so we have to take into account who or what they have. There for we will have to take into account fusions with all of there souls or there strongest souls in the game. This leaves out Jinpachiro as we only know of 1 soul he had as we only got to play with him once but since he was going to be the main for Shadow Hearts 3. There for we know he would have had more souls. Since he is an anomaly he is out.

Thus to me this is the order. Yuri, Shania, Kurando and Saki. Again Jinpachiro is out and as described above I cannot count Albert. But let me explain the order. Fusions I like summoners in it is on who you have to summon. With the biggest assortment of souls as well having 2 non elementals Yuri takes the lead. Shania comes in second as she does have a few souls to choose from just like Yuri but he trumps with Amon and Radiance. But there is something I should point out. At the ending of from the new world we see her get infected with Malice. As to what that will do to her is unclear. It could curse her as Yuri mask curse seemed to react with Malice or power up in a new way we have no yet see. But Yuri souls drive away Malice so that is another reason. Kurando is next leaving Saki. This is to the best of my ability of describing fusions from Shadow Hearts. If you have any thoughts on this let me know.

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