The King Of Fighter XV What If Who I Think Will Be In

This is post will telling you the characters I think will be in The King Of Fighters XV in some way in form. This doesn’t include returning characters who were in XIV. These character you have heard of before as they have been heavily demanded which is why they are going to be in it.

New Face Team/ Oriochi Team

Image result for kof xiv new face team

The new face team has been a fan favorite. Something SNK has noted since when they can they do bring them in. Appearing 97 this would be the team only story appearance as they would die only to reappear in dream match. But it seem SNK has plans for them. SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy brought in Shermie which seemed like and odd choice. That is unless you want to use her in a way to tell fans the team is back. Why would you do that other than to use them. This group might appear as a way to represent the Oriochi.  Iori team doesn’t count as according to lore all member including Vice and Mature could care less as to what happened with Oriochi.

Rugal Bernstein

Image result for kof xiv rugal

Rugal is one of the go to names when it coms to KOF. As the series first boss when it became its own game and not a tournament for Fatal Fury Rugal holds a special place in fans hearts as well as SNK.. To prove this the reason why we saw him as the boss in the dream matches is because they liked too much. A character who died in 95 Rugal would keep making appearances. Even in KOF XIII we see him for a second on the Sky Noah. In XIV we learned he is in Verse as he comments on to Vice about being his secretaries. Thus with Verse defeated means he is back. But that is not all. Rugal is one of the 2 characters heavily asked for during XIV development. Now to be clear as I posted last time I don’t see him with a team. Rugal has mainly appeared alone which makes him a perfect sub boss or DLC character depending on how SNK goes about this. But with all the demand for him he should make into the game in some capacity.

Image result for kof xiv rugal

Ash Crimson

Image result for kof xiv invitation team ending

Now we are talking about someone who I do not have doubts will be in it. The reason why first has nothing to do with the rumored image many have seen here. It has to do with 2 things. 1 most heroes from arcs stay in kof. That means that Ash would have been in XIV had he not erased himself from time according to tradition. 2nd the image above is from the invitations team ending. This shows he is alive and thus has no reason not to be in the next game. Also Ash was heavily demanded by fans along with Rugal during XIV development. Thus it seems Ash is more than likely to be in the game. That and if the rumored image is true.

These are the ones I think will be joining the roaster in KOF XV. These are my thoughts and as such may be wrong. If you have any idea or thoughts on this let me know as we await the reveal of the next KOF game. 5 character but they show signs that they will be in the game. Until then.

Image result for kof xv

Image result for kof xv

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4 Responses to The King Of Fighter XV What If Who I Think Will Be In

  1. Corentin says:

    hello to you, I too would like to comment on the KOF XV if you allow me?
    So, first of all, in the KOF, we already know what characters to expect like Kyo Mai Benimaru Iori Terry Andy Joe Ryo Robert Yuri Kim King Athena Kensou Chin Ralf Clark Leona and the characters who started to take their importance since the Saga NESTS like K ‘Maxima Kula and Whip. And we must not forget the characters who have started to have special importance in this new Saga and we will see them until KOF XVII such as Shen’ei Kukri Meitenkun Tung Nakoruru Mui Mui and Love. now in story mode some characters who have been in the Saga of the past members have been cameos like Ash and Elisabeth and Oswald who also started to have its importance in the story as he has a deep Vendetta against Xanadu for anonymous reasons. Secondly, new characters such as Sylvie Mian Nelson, Zarina Banderas, Luong Gang, He Xanadu KOD, Hein Alice y Najd, who played an important role, will only be seen twice in the Saga, either KOF XIV / XV or KOF XIV / XVI or even see that will be their first and last appearance.

  2. Corentin says:

    why I made this assumption is because I know the parameters of the games of KOF well and their system is that in each KOF they necessarily introduce to the first and second opus of the saga many new characters it is now in the third one who does not put too many characters or there are more characters on the side of the sub-boss or boss-final bosses like for example KOF 97,2001 and XIII.

    • jcphotog says:

      I see your points but I wouldn’t use XIII. They had more planned but the art work was too much. Thus why we only got 1 season of DLC. Thanks again for you comment.

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