The King Of Fighters XV What If Rock Team ???

We will be doing another what if on The King Of Fighters XV. This time we will be looking at Rock. This will be looking at Rock as an official character in the next installment and not just DLC.

Now Rock Howard is interesting as fans have been demanding him forever to appear in KOF and with the Ash saga that only made ask more since now we see him with Terry in his Mark Of The Wolves outfit. Now SNK did respond and to be honest the answers weren’t good as they were basically excuses.  One such one was that him and K look to much alike an therefore shouldn’t be in the same game. That is in excuse we have had Kyo clones in the same game. 2 Roberts as well as Saki and Ash. Even so having character look alike hasn’t stop them before. The main reason why he is here is because Oda the producer and the one who is talking for SNK gaming division worked on Rock and brought him so that he would be better.

Image result for kof 2003 terryImage result for kof 2003 terry

Now who is Rock? If you don’t know Rock is the son of Geese who is trained and raised by Terry. With Terry coming from the same Kung Gu system as Geese Rock learns it and takes moves from both of them. Something fans might like as his moves don’t change and that is saying something considering Rock has been in Capcom Vs SNK, Neo Geo battle Coliseum, KOF Maximum Impact 1 and 2 as well as KOF XIV. He has only had changes with a new raging storm neo raging storm as well as dead rave animation with his eyes glowing which hints at his mysterious power that he blames on Geese but it might be from his mother side. I know it is said it is his blood from Geese but Geese was a normal person who was extremely good at martial arts so I would like to think it is from his mother side but we will talk about that later with Kain and my mid boss idea.

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Now with Rock appearing in KOF XIV we have many asking SNK to having enter officially which would be a good move. Fans love Rock and would love to see Fatal Fury brought back hopefully continuing from where Rock left off. KOF XV would be a nice way to show that is happening by having Rock come in with his own team. But this won’t be simple as Rock story would have to be explained as to why Terry was raising him if Geese is alive. A small issue which could be settled by just having Geese saying he is to weak for me to train or showing a bigger plain. Remember in fatal fury Geese is dead and in KOF he is alive but that is only because FF team and KOF were always separate and thus we have separate but sometimes touching time lines.

Related imageImage result for kof rock mark of the wolvesImage result for kof rock geese

But with that said I hope we get to see some new stuff from Rock. Maybe something else that can show him mixing moves from Terry and Geese. Or maybe he can have more neo moves showing is own spin on classic such a neo buster wolf or even neo deadly rave ii. Who knows I just want him to get something new to mix in with the old. But if Rock is going to be in the game then he will need a team and I think we can get 2 birds with one stone here by bringing in another fan demand. That is his teammate should be Shingo Yabuki

Image result for kof shingo


Shingo is Kyo student and distant cousin. Joined in 97 Shingo fighting style is basically a student version of Kyo without flames. Student version is usually seen as the prior character move set but they are incomplete in some way. I use flameless as Shingo thing is that he cannot us flames. Now SNK plays with that to a point that I hope they make a decision. As of right now Shingo cannot use flames as he is not a direct descendent of Kyo but at the same time you have characters such as Kyo father Saiyu say he could learn how to use it or even him being able to us it in prologues.

Image result for kof shingo

The last we saw Shingo in game was in Kof XI but after Iori went into Blood Riot he was to injured for the next tournament. Thus why in KOF XIII story mode you see him with Chizuru.  You also see him in the stages rooting for Kyo team with his broken arm. But now that arm should be healed and it is time for Shingo to get back in the ring.

Image result for kof xiii shingoImage result for kof shingo

With him being in the ring we need the answer to him having fire. Not in the way Mugen creators do no. But give it to him as maybe as a full power version of his supers. Something you see when he gives it his all so that it shows he still has a lot to learn. It would satisfy fans who have been waiting to some progress with the character for sometime. But now for the last one. And I think that should be Alice.

Image result for kof xiv alice

Alice is new to KOF as one of the new girls from one of SNK pachinko games. on Fatal Fury. But she would be a nice addition. She is new but she is from South Town hence why she can use some people moves even though she has never been taught. That can change with the team story as we can see her motivating them to prove to there master there strength. As for the queen of fighting team B Janet or even Chizuru can replace her. This would be a nice fit for her but I am open to suggestions. As to be honest this spot I think can be filled by a lot of people.

Image result for kof xiv alice

And with that I will end it. If you have any ideas please let me know or if you have any thoughts on this please comment and I will respond and get to them the best I can.

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