The King Of Fighters XV Maybe One Big Graphic Tease ???

The King Of Fighters XV announcement has us pumped to see what SNK has for the game. We know it will have better graphics than XIV as the president says they know fans weren’t happy with them. And with the unreal engine they should go well beyond that. But what will that look like?

We have touched on this as I have posted before about this subject saying they have 2 choices. 1 being Samurai Shodown look as they have stated they are using Samurai Shodown as a test of unreal. The other is the arc system works look of 2.5 d which you see in arc system works games such Guilty Gear Xrd series as well as Dragon Ball FighterZ. This come from 3 images that were released through SNK.

I have been thinking about this but what happens if I have been thinking about this the wrong way. What if we are seeing the image process. What I am thinking is that the images above of Fatal Fury Rick might be how it stars what you get how the character shape is supposed to be. The one of Raiden might be close to the finish product.

I have come to this as I remember that basically Guilty Gear look is based off of 3d models. You see they used 3d models but in order to get the anime look we see they use rotor scope. Such it isn’t really 2d or 3d it is 2.5.  This also came to mind when thinking of KOF have its own look separate from Samurai Shodown as some fans believe SNK will give them2 different looks.

No again I don’t see raiden look as finished either as we see the artist in the picture is still working on him. But this might be a thing. I am not sure. Hopefully we get a answer this year. Maybe TGS 2019. Maybe.

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I am a gamer into fighting games perferablly such as King Of Fighters and Street Fighters. Also DMC and Ninja Gaiden as well. In recent years I have become a fan of two shooters. Fear and Resistance."
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2 Responses to The King Of Fighters XV Maybe One Big Graphic Tease ???

  1. Basta says:

    They shouldn’t copy ArcSys. SNK was known for giving the King of Fighters its own, original and distinct art style. It was gritty, like a grounded “realistic” anime; no exaggerrated proportions. King of Fighters XIV, almost nailed it, but the lighting, cloth physics, and everything else was off.

    If they want XV to stand out, they should come with or improve on their already-existing style. Because if they copy ArcSys and it don’t meet the standard, they’ll get mocked for 1. being derivative and 2. being unoriginal. Guilty Gear 2020 – a true ArcSys game – will then just poop all over it by default.

    The Rick Strowd and Raiden pics look awesome, but seem more suited to a Fatal Fury, imo, which they’re also working on.

    • jcphotog says:

      I see what you are saying. I am leaning towards anime myself only as I see that bring the flashy moves we are used to from the series to life more. What ever the style is though I hope the an thrive with it. Thanks for commenting and please check out the other post.

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