Dragon Ball Super To Make Transformations Great Once More

Shonen manga are known to be over the top in action as well as transformations. From bleach to HXH shonen as well as other mangas all have there own transformation including the king of them Dragon Ball. But Dragon Ball Super transformations have left fans not so thrilled with the inclusion of god ki to the DB mythos. I will explain why and how I believe they can fix it.

First lets look at where this started with god Ki. Introduced with the Beerus and Whis this is a power mortal cannot sense and surpasses anything they can muster. We see this as Beerus mops the floor not only with all the z warriors but Goku as well using Super Saiayan 3 effortlessly. It is only with the transformation of super Saiyan god or Super Saiyan red that Goku was able to show his worth as Goku was still unable to defeat Beerus but luckily he had enough for one day.

Image result for beerus ver ss3 gokuImage result for beerus vs ssg goku

Now keep not this has god ki being above what mortals can even deal with it. So only god ki can handle god ki. This will all be thrown out of the window with freeza resurrection. Here Freeza doesn’t just come back but he comes back with a new form that is on par with Super Saiyan Blue or Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan which  is Goku and Vegeta using god ki with there Super Saiyan powers.

Image result for resurrection f ssb gokuImage result for resurrection f ssb goku

Again this is the first retcon but not the last. With tournament of power the last arc of the animated series we see Goku face off with the other z warriors and they on par with him. Now fans have stated this is because Goku held back. But this can’t be the case as we saw in the beginning of the series with him having a friendly spar with Krillin put him in need of medical care.

Image result for dbs goku punches krillin face

Keep in mind that is without god ki. And thus we have arrived at our delima. Both Super Saiyan red and blue are amplifiers with nothing major given to them. Lore wise yes they have context but physically they are pallet swaps of Super Saiyan that by the end of the series can be said to replace it as that is how it was being treated.

But before the series ended it introduced us to a jump in the opposite direction with ultra instinct which only a few in the realm of the gods have mastered. This technique is used by Goku and Jiren and it has the user fighting on instinct perfectly from sensing the enemy to using the power to up most level flawlessly. This technique is so over powered that Goku ends the series saying he cannot use it yet he called on it at different levels during the tournament. And thus we are left with are problem of forms that didn’t stand out to one that is so broken it cannot be used.

Image result for dbs ultra instinct goku

And that we have listed the problems we need to talk about the solutions. 1 Super Saiyan Red & Blue can actually be made to be relevant and for this we need to look at video games. In game from Heroes to DBFZ we see Goku different version get different moves. this gives them individuality and thus allows them to be separate from each other as well as other forms.

Image result for dbfz ssj blue goku kamehamehaImage result for dbfz ssj blue goku kamehameha

Now yes Goku has had many Kamahamaha in the past but in the show we see him use just one with nothing altered but the form he does it in. From SSB to Ultra Insitnct it is the same beam attack but just a difference in size. At least with this we have something for the transformation that is its own. We do see this with 2 animes at the moment. Fairy Tail and One Piece both have there main characters not only go through transformations but also having special moves for them as well other physical traits that make this new transformation stand out.

Image result for fairy tail natsu modesImage result for fairy tail natsu modesImage result for one piece all of luffy gears

We see this in the anime as both are known for there transforming characters and fans always wait to see what we get. This excitement isn’t just on how they look but what they can do. Something that I hope we see with the next transformation in Dragon Ball Super as it continues to grow

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