The King Of Fighter XV Leopold Goenitz ???

The King Of Fighters XV roaster is something many SNK fans are itching to see. Not only for how the cast will look with new graphics but who they will bring back as Verse defeat in XIV was used as a reboot for the dead character to return. While many are psyched for Rugal you have to remember that we will be looking for not just him but also another villain from the Oriochi saga Leopold Goneitz

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You may not know the name but this man was probably the most active villain from the saga as he set many things into motion even before we were introduced to him. To give you perspective the Oriochi saga begun with KOF 95 and the return of Rugal as he sought revenge on Kyo and team Japan for his defeat. Once he is defeated again we see him transform into Omega Rugal as the Oriochi power takes over.

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This power is too much for team Japan as well as Rugal as he succumbs to it and dies. The power comes from Leopold as he gave to Rugal after a battle where Goenitz defeats Rugal. It was basically to see if he could handle the power. But this is where we get the ball rolling on his actions as next he went to break the seal of the Oriochi in order to do that he had to kill the guardian which was Chizuru sister. He did so but that wasn’t the only character to lose a family member at Leopald hands as Leona also lost her father as Goenitz use his power of a heavenly king to activate her blood riot forcing Leona to killer her own parent.

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This was because Leona father Gaidel didn’t follow with the rest of the Oriochi family and thus he killed him. Take not that we know he is back thanks to Verse victory statement to Leona telling her he will always be watching over her. As far as his power Leopold is the boss for KOF 96. After defeating Chizuru the heavenly king of wind descenends and levels the stadium with his power of wind. He also proves to be a annoying boss as he can not only teleport but hold you down with his twisters.

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It takes Kyo, Iori and Chizuru to defeat him but he goes down activating Iori blood riot as well as setting the stage for 97 where as his fellow heavenly kings will continue his work. Now even though the Oriochi has been resealed it doesn’t meant that Leopold is out of the picture. He might have other ways to release Oriochi power or he might just find another way to destroy humanity as the Hakkeshu wished to do. If he does return better respect him as he may just be the strongest of the kings we have to content with. He was not teased with Verse quotes but with everyone coming back he might as well.

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