The King Of Fighters XV Will We Recognize Verse ???

The King OF Fighters XV is in the works and we are all waiting to see who will be included in the game. This includes returning character and one of them is Verse. The boss of KOF XIV is still on earth and maybe one of the few times we get a boss come back directly after the game they were shown in as a final boss. This spot puts him on the same point of Rugal.

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But unlike Rugal Verse may not come back the same way we saw him in XIV. At the end of XIV we see Verse explode with pieces scattered all over the world which is how we got character such as Ash,  Shermie and other returning. But with this release mans we might not recognize the powerful paradox created enemy. All we know is that pieces of him landed in Austraila. We don’t know what those pieces are as his ending just shows where he landed but lets talk about this.

Image result for kof xiv verse endingImage result for kof xiv verse ending

Now these piece can either form together making a new version of Verse for the next tournament or be picked up people. These pieces posses a lot of  power as one piece is what is giving Shun his sacred fist power. But that may not be the only thing that comes out of this. If this is what SNK is going with then we will either see a person of power or a normal person be changed by the piece of Verse. If it is a normal person they will be controlled in a demonic possession way showing off some new abilities with some old moves. If it is a powerful fighter such as the bosses who were hinted to be inside Verse such as Igniz, Rugal and Krizlaid then we will get a new Verse as a mix. Basically the bosses with Verse themed  moves on top of there with there original ones. (Which is what you hope for will happen.) Or we  will get Verse have pieces merged Jeff Bogard(Terry and Andy adopted father.) or Gabial (Leona father).

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But this is going on the fact we have pieces used by other people. Verse can basically can com back in the nest tournament all new as the form we know was him as a combination of everyone else. Some fans state that the version that crashes in Australia is the real one. This idea cannot be discounted as we don’t know what Verse is. The only back story we have of him is that Ash paradox brought him forth and that Geese has a scroll that foretold of his arrival.

Image result for kof xiv verseImage result for kof xiv team southtown ending

From this scroll it seems Geese maybe the only one who has a full idea what Verse is as he indicates it was able to full appear. Now for big SNK fans it is unclear if this is the scroll that he supposedly fought with Jeff over. I say supposedly as it is a new story thread for them as Geese just killed him in the past for standing up to him. But back to Verse meaning in scroll about not seeing him full appear. Meaning there is still more to come from Verse. Maybe we will get his full form or something . By that I mean his full form might be left for the last game in the arc. We will see.

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