The King Of Fighters XV Jeff Borgad Might Be Playable What If

The King Of Fighters XV has us waiting to see how the characters will look let alone who will be in it. One of those characters is Jeff Bogard  Andy and Terry. If you haven’t heard much about him don’t get mad. Jeff has been used as story not gameplay. We have seen non playable character or NPC like this before. For Jeff he is one of 2 hinted in the death Verse and thus I figured we should go over him.

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Above is how most SNK fans remember Jeff Bogard. He is an older gentleman wearing blue Chinese attire. We don’t get to know him long as he is killed by Geese. In what manner depends on what you are watching as how he died has been shown in different ways. One he was killed  by Geese men driving by and killing him with knives. Another has him fighting in the park and dying in a battle with Geese with the latest being Jeff dying at the geese in front of his house.  The latest coming from KOF Destiny which not only changed how Jeff died as well as what he is wearing but what he died for.

Image result for snk jeff bogardImage result for snk jeff bogard

Above you can see what Jeff wore in the anime motion picture saga compared to what he wore in KOF Destiny. But Again that is not the only change. Jeff was killed off so Geese can get the scroll. The scroll has become a new thing as before Geese killed Jeff for him being picked over him. Other times we weren’t told so this could be something SNK may change if they bring Jeff in. But as you are noticing that I am saying Jeff is dead so how is brought back? Unlike Verse we have no quotes but SNK is hinting at something

In team China ending we have Tung going through his list of students. He does this as he sees his time being short. (Note we didn’t think he was alive in KOF until we saw him in XI and confirmed as part of the hero team in XIV). As we go through this list we see one of them with there face turned away. Giving the attire some are assuming this Jeff Bogard. It  isn’t just the brown cap and jacket man that has them thinking this.

“You eyes have truly gotten better. Jeff would be happy too.” Tung

Image result for kof xiv tung win pose

Now this still sounds as though Tung is speaking about Jeff as though he dead. But putting the 2 together you get a sense that there maybe some plans for the adopted father of the Bogard brothers. As to what that will be I do not know. But again this is guessing so we will see

Image result for snk jeff bogard

But this isn’t the only point of speculation. Remember Jeff has never been in a fighting game before as a playable character. To that extent we will be looking to see what his moveset and what it will be like. Tung has taut many student with Rock being the only one to show any student teacher resemblance in moves as he a combination of Terry and Geese attacks. Now Meituken does have a few but I think this is where Jeff can fit in. If SNK goes for this it will be interesting to give Jeff some of Terry moves but mixed with Tungs. Imagine Jeff busting out his own triple power geyser but with the last one having him get bulky as he slams the ground and releasing a massive wave of power. Or he has a different version of raging storm with the same effect.  Jeff move set would be a guess as to why he would fully look like in the game.

But that is my take . If you guys and girls have any ideas let me know.

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