Altrouge Dog In Fate/ Grand Order. A Sign Of More Tsukihime

In Fate/ Grand Order a player spotted a dog that is said that if it ever grew up it  would become a monstrosity .  This has some thinking this dog is primate murder who belong Alrouge Brunestud. If you don’t know who that is she is a big character in Tsukihime lore as she is not only the one who defeated Alucard and took her hair (thus why it is cut short when we are introduce to her ). She is also the one who made a deal with tatri aka night of Wallicha the boss of Melty Blood 2. 

With that being said we have little to see. This is because she is mentioned in a number of places the princess of the eclipse has no official art work. This as she has not appeared in any a game as of now she is only mentioned. This is because Type-moon has  a tendency of making these nice long stories with a lot of side notes. For example Shiki glasses brings up the Aozaki sisters as Aoko stole them from Touko who made them for Shiki Ryougi or the female one you see in Melty blood Act Cadenza Actress Again as one of the last up dates to the game and garden of sinners. You don’t see this play out but it is back story as to why Shiki Tohno has those glasses. It is a massive universe and with these games and stories we see only a little bit of it.

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But as you can read above she has a major role to play in the series. But if she never appeared why does her dog matter? Well it was hinted that if there were a tsukihime sequel she would be in it. Supposedly as fans have been hinted at a sequel to Tsukihime but we have yet to have one.

Melty blood doesn’t count as the series is what if based on Tsukihime and became its own thing. With that said her appearance might be a welcome thing in the remake. Perhaps a flash back for Arcueid as she remember there fight that cost her hair. We don’t know.

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What we do know is that if this is the case we have more Tsukihime stuff popping up. Stuff that indicates some Tsukihime news maybe on the horizon. We know they have something for golden week next year lets hope we get more than that. We are hoping for a lot.

Image result for type moon wiki altrouge

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