The King Of Fighters XV A Last Blade What If

The King Of Fighters XV is on the horizon for SNK and many fans are trying to think who will be in it let alone how will they look. One thought is to make a last blade team. Last Blade is one of SNK early series which was a weapon based 1v1 fighter that took place a long time ago. But can this work? Yes if SNK wanted it to as many fans do want the series to return but how? Let discuss.

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Now how will this work as I mentioned the game takes place a while back. To be precise 1863 is when the first game goes down so ya we have a big time gap between KOF XV and then. So what is the best way to bring back I can think of 3 of them. 1st is Verse he had many souls but don’t forget he is a temporal phenomenon meaning some unknown time thing caused by the time paradox created when Ash killed Saki.  In the manga A new Beginning we see this as Verse time rift has appeared multiple times to show where this being came from. This rift can serve as one way for the characters of Last Blade to make it into our time.

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That is one way another is through some magic that they are brought here. Naokaruru of Samurai Shodown Is here by this means as the warrior of nature. And while we can’t use this for her sword wielding fighters we could use this logic for Last Blade. This is due to the warriors of some time for the most part to some magic. Kaede and Satsuna for example with Kaede using a magical swords and Satsuna who is basically a soul. But both could be brought back if Verse tries anything with the hell gate.

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The last is reincarnation. Most if not all of the characters of Last Blade are long gone thus they can be reincarnated now. What triggers there return is there descendents or anyone finding there weapons and thus channeling there spirit. By gaining there soul they gain there abilities and so we have are characters back.

Now that covers how I see them coming back but does SNK have any intention on bringing them back? Well I believe yes. SNK is bring back its library with new entries. I believe Last Blade is on the list as SNK has many times shown these characters some love. From being seen in stages. which I will put below to having there games brought back to modern systems we see these warriors of the blade make appearances

Image result for snk Last Blade characters appearancesRelated imageRelated imageImage result for The King Of Fighters XIII mr. Karate stage

I know it is hard to see but they are there. With that said those are my thoughts on how SNK could bring us a Last Blade team. Let me know yours as we await to see what they come up with for the King Of Fighters XV

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