Natsu Dragneel Vs Firce Force World. Would He Defeat Everyone???

Fire Force is full of people who can use fire. Now with this many see this as a world where Natsu from Dragneel from Fairy Tail would just steam roll everyone. This is due to him not only control flames himself but being able to swallow them to make himself stronger.

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Now that wouldn’t be the case. It comes down to neutral respect for the titles and powers. We will start with powers with Natsu and his dragon slayer fire element ability versus 2nd & 3rd generation of fire force.

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Natsu ability to consume and become stronger from fire is where this basically comes from. Since all of Fire Force use flames fans are seeing Natsu being a hunger customer at an all you can eat buffet. The main issue here is the main fact that Natsu will have to face off with more than just those who emit fire such as the fire soldiers who can manipulate it. This is a problem as they can not only control flames but also cancel it. Maki has shown that not only can she bring flames to life she can also cancel them.  In the recent episodes we also see others having abilities with similar effects such as captain burns.

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Now this eliminates Natsu from fire admitting moves but it doesn’t make useless. He can still use fire to make himself stronger and as such he can still us it to buff himself. On top of that he still has fire and lightning mode which I am not to sure how that would work. here. If the elemental combination counts as fire it would still fall under the same rules and thus leave Natsu with nothing. If separate Natsu gets to have a separate element to use when Fire Force takes away his flames.

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Now another thing to take into this is we don’t know the full power of any of these characters. Natsu is exploring the power of dragon gods with 100 year quest and we don’t know what power he will get from that. Shinra seems to have great power that we still don’t know about. So as far as what they can do we don’t know for either side.

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With that said there is one last point that this will be epic and not one sided is they are both mains in big series. When that type of cross over happens both main characters are treated on equal footing and such the battle turns out to be a drawn rather than one having something over the other. An example would be between friendly rivals in the series where thy come out even apposed to enemies or some series competition where there must be a clear cut winner. It is for these reasons why don’t see Natsu having his way with Fire Force but instead giving them a run for there money. That is how I see it. If you have any thought or opinions let me know.

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