Shadow Hearts Lore Emigre Manuscript

There has been many things that have evolved during the Shadow Hearts run. The one thing that has stayed the same thought is the Émigré manuscript. to go over this we must go over the series with some spoilers. So please take that in mind before moving forward. AGIAN SPOILERS AHEAD.

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History before Sh


Originally written by The Formors in the ancient past, it documented the rituals that they had perfected to raise the dead from the grave. This knowledge was then passed down to the ancient Druids who sacrificed many to perform the ritual.

Before their passing, the information was given to the Celts, who, after being conquered by the Greek general, Alexander III of Macedon, more famously known as Alexander the Great, relinquished the text to him.

Alexander himself oversaw the translation of the text from Celtic to Greek, for the purpose of placing the text inside the ancient Library of Alexandria. Secluded from the other works in the library, it was placed in a restricted section, where none were allowed access. When the Library caught fire, the text was rescued from the blaze and traveled throughout Europe.

During this period of turmoil, the book exchanged many hands, and was taken to many places, eventually earning it the moniker of the “Émigré Document“.

In the 6th century, with the rise and spread of the Catholic Church, and the booming trade in manuscripts and parchment, the manuscript wound up in the collection of the newly established monastery on The Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

While admiring the tome for the beauty its illustrations, the monks could not read Greek, and were thus unaware of the text’s meaning.

It stayed in the monastic library until the early 9th century, where under threat of Viking invasion, it again travelled again. Making its way to Ireland, the Abbot of the monastery entrusted the document to the, Greek-understanding, siblings; Daniel, and Johannes Scotus Eriugena.

Astonished by the contents of the manuscript, and intrigued by the talk of a Holy Land in Wales, Daniel Scotus set off to consecrate the site, founding what would eventually become the Nemeton Monastery.

Johannes Scotus Eriugena, however, kept possession of the text, and took it to France, where he was in service of the French court. It remained with him until his death, where it was collected by the Vatican, among with his other papers, and placed inside the Papel Library to safeguard it from misuse.

Around the mid-thirteenth century, the document had fallen into a terrible and fragile state. Desperate to preserve the text, the Pope of the time, ordered the renowned alchemist and philosopher, Roger Bacon to transcribe the entire book to preserve its contents.

Reading through the text, Roger applied one of the rituals to himself in an attempt to become immortal, before erasing the ritual completely from the book so that it could not be abused by others.

Completing the transcription, he presented the manuscript to the Pope and fled, knowing the Pope wished to kill him in order to keep the document and its power a secret.

In the 16th century, alchemists John Dee, and Edward Kelley searching for the manuscript, located some of Roger’s ciphered Welsh texts, and reworked them into a document that would later become known as the Voynich Manuscript, while the genuine book was placed back into the Vatican Library.

It stayed undisturbed for almost seven hundred years until it was stolen by Cardinal Albert Simon, taking with him the Pulse Tract and the Codex of Lurie – two other cursed, occult tomes – who gave it to Patrick Heyworth, sparking off the events of Koudelka.”

This little book as been at the center of Shadow Hearts as many sought is power. But the first time it was used was even before both Kodelka and Shadow Hearts. During translations Roger had used one of the rituals to make himself immortal before erasing it from the book. (So if you were wondering that is how it happened.) This based on Roger bacon of history translated a script of his own.

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The power of the book is the ability to revive the dead and to summon the a god to this world. Now this is only a taste of the power as according to the Kodelka manga one spell if left uncheck could destroy the world by draining it of all life. For this reason it seems Roger had made sure not to translate the rituals correctly. At least some  he changed. How many is not stated we have a picture of the author who are known as Formors, They briefly mentioned but they raised the dead to work for them similar to Jewish golems according to Roger. We don’t know the fate of them in Shadow Hearts lore as Roger believes they just feel apart. If you are wondering Formor according to wiki are basically Irish version of Titans that came before the gods.

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But for the most part the book has been used to revive or summon. Revive with cases as Jack mother which went wrong and summon as this is how we got Radiance appearing and destroying Shang Hai was through a ritual in this book.  Albert also used it to summon the final boss in the game.

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In this second game this went a little better as Kato was able to use the book to make the mutant apes. This isn’t a perfect resurrection. These are not there true selves as we see with the woman Kato loved Yoshika was one of them but not her self. This was a clone that was not only made by using the Émigré but also speed up using the power.

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Now in from the new world we see a perfect resurrection with the garland children Grace and Johnny. The 2 are shown not in there normal bodies during the ritual. Instead we get this mechanical look to them some sort of cyborgs. We will cover that in another article but for the moment those are the feet’s we have seen in game by the Émigré.

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But that is what the book was capable off  in Shadow Hearts trilogy. In terms of what else it can do we don’t know but with it being one of 3 books in the series it could do much more. Remember one of the spells if left unchecked can drain the world of all life. Granted we don’t know how Roger discovered this but that is what he says. As to a few what ifs on this I do have some ideas but that will be for another article as well. Below is the original book that Roger translated from. And if you have any thoughts on this.

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