Tokyo Game Show 2019 Expectations & Wishes

Tokyo Game Show is happening tomorrow so I decided to go over a few things to let you all know what I think. If you have any feeling towards this let me know.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

A new trailer just dropper for the remake showing off more of Midgare as well as Turks, Shinra forces and summons. What I expect is that we will hear over the TGS 2019 about the trailer the same we did E3. This is good as some people are still up in the air about how summons work as it seems to be similar to FFXIII meaning we should have control of them but all we see is them and a hud so it is hard to say.

We also got new characters as the battle of the plate introduced more people fighting Shinra than the normal Avalanche crew. For Shinra side there is no onw who missed the new 1st Soldier on a bike. Will be one time enemy? A lot of questions we hope to get answers too.

Image result for final fantasy vii remake tgs 2019Image result for final fantasy vii remake tgs 2019

Gungrave Gore 

We have been learning more about Gungrave Gore at a nice pace. So nice I think we should expect a new trailer with the event. The thing is will this new trailer have new gameplay elements as well as story to show us as the developers keeping talking about some nice things we would like to see in action. Hopefully we will

Image result for gungrave goreImage result for gungrave gore

Guilty Gear 2020 

We have a one trailer that hyped us from Evo on this game but we know it will be there at TGS 2019. But what will Daisuke and his team give us for a half hour. Hopeful some details such as the new character news a small details on mechanics and who will be in the demo for November. My big hope for this is a brand new trailer showing all of this. I know it sounds like much but with them having something ready by November for player to play I believe they should have more to show us here.

Long Shots 

Lost Soul Aside 

We see very little of this game so it is no surprise we want to see more. The game looks good as well as fun to play but at the last event Yang team said they would not be there to further work on the game. Is that still the case that we have nothing to expect from them at this point. We will have to see.

Devil May Cry 5

This is a long shot but with so little DLC it feels like Capcom still has plans for Devil may Cry 5. Yes they said they are not working but you never know. They can just be telling you that to make sure they shock you. Plus with all the mods I am seeing it only make me wish for actual DLC to play as Vergil and Trish instead of this.

Image result for Devil May Cry 5 modsImage result for Devil May Cry 5 trish mods

The King Of Fighters XV

We know KOF XV is coming out next year. Right now we have only a logo and a projected year to go with. And yes SNK is saying they will only sell merchandise at the event. But just like Capcom I am hoping that is a little white lie and that we will at least get a trailer from them. Nothing to crazy. Maybe just Kyo and Iori fighting in the new engine. That is my hope after all.

Those are my hopes and expiations for TGS 2019. It starts tomorrow. Hopefully it will shock and delight all of us with satisfaction.

Image result for tgs 2019

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