Guilty Gear 2020 TGS 2019 Breakdown

Guilty Gear 2020 was at TGS 2019. We got a new trailer showing not just May but more of Sol and Ky. Now we got new moves but because we don’t have a move list we don’t know if these are reimagined moves, normal special moves which basically Kyo double sweep or Ken axe kick or they can be special similar to fireballs. Until we get a move list we don’t know.

But what we do have is an interview given to Famitsu by developers which I will post below. Basically it describes Xrd being done but the story is moving on making this a sequel. They also touch on the new character but they way the describing him as having something to do with GG history makes me think he might be the next boss or someone just as big.

We also learned that character from revelator may not make it in which is the thing that happens in fighting game as character from before don’t always make it in. The issue with this is that some fans might call back to Daisuke saying he would eventually bring back the old cast so if he removes the returning cast from XRD I don’t know how the fan base will take it. At the same time this might just be for the initially launch for fans hoping to see there old favorites such as Anji Mito or Testament wait until you see full the cast and 1st season. Anji especially since in Baiken story mode was teased.

Now we didin’t get a gameplay break down yet or at least translated. By that I mean Daisuke was on Sega stage going over the game fist trailer from animation to stage transitions which seems to be injustice in style where they send you from one point of the stage to another. I don’t want to say Dead Or Alive because once you fall from that point you can’t go back. With this you might hence injustice style.

We will be getting another trailer at CEO Otaku which is at the end month. This has some meaning as it seems team red might be further along with the game then we think as lets not forget we have a demo in November as well to look at and get info from. With them showing so much of the game as well a demo for fans to play it gives me the feeling we might be seeing this mid 2020. But that is just a guess.

With that said that is not the only thing. Sol new sword seems to be too much for him. I saw that as we see him in the trailer Sol doesn’t always holds the new sword with one hand but over his shoulder until he uses it. Remember that with all iterations Sol always carried his sword with one hand. I will post the new interview below.


[It was commented at the event that this is not a sequel to GUILTY GEAR but a completely new work, but there isn’t any X or number in the title?]

Ishiwatari: We didn’t give this a subtitle or number at the time, but we’re exploring how we should treat this new work.

Katano: I’m making it clear that it’s not part of the Xrd Series.

In this title, I’d like to emphasize the stance of creating a new fighting game with ARC System Works, a brand new work for GUILTY GEAR.

[Is the Xrd Series now complete with Rev2?]

Ishiwatari: In terms that being a game I worked on (Under soley Ishiwatari), you can think of it as complete with Rev2… However as part of the story on the whole, the series continues.

Katano: Rev2 is not scheduled to be upgraded as a game in the future.  I would like to follow up on the people who still play it right now, but that’s not something I can promise you at this stage.

[When you watch the PV, you can see that the video work side is improving, but as a fighting game, does that change the system drastically?]

Ishiwatari: As a fighting game, I think it will be a response system that will change a lot as GUILTY GEAR, rather than compared to the Xrd Series.

[Including May that was announced today, four characters in total have been released at present.  I don’t think you can say anything else at this stage, but what is the total number of characters for the roster?]

Ishiwatari: Because everything is being remade, labor has occurred in its own way.  I don’t think all the characters from previous games will appear from the timing of the release date (2020).

Katano: I think many of you are wondering how the continuity follows from Rev2, but I’m making this game from scratch as a completely new work.  None of this will deviate from the previous work’s story, so expect it to include aspects of it.

As much as is possible, we want to make a game in a way that will meet all your expectations.

[In the first PV, there was a character with dreadlocks who was completely new, what kind of character is he?]

Ishiwatari: I was able to present that character by showing more visuals that no-one had ever seen before, and it was part of the appeal that it was completely new, but I still can’t say much about him.  Let me just tell you that he has something to do with the HISTORY of Guilty Gear.

[In recent games by ARC System Works, there are many support systems that are easy for entry level beginners to access, but does this work contain some kind of system that is easy for beginners to enter?]

Ishiwatari: The fact that there is a follow-up for beginners suggests the game is difficult to play in the first place, so I have my own interpretation.  In that sense, I think about a game that doesn’t need to follow that kind of trend.  If it is a complex system like conventional GUILTY GEAR games, with multiple system/mechanics, we are developing this work by throwing all of that away and reconsidering things from scratch.

Katano: I think it’s closer to keeping everything simple, rather.  Since we can’t talk about specifics just yet, it’s an ideological statement for the time being, but I hope it will be a title that can be played by a wider range of people, rather than a mechanism built to follow beginners in to ASW’s world.

Ishiwatari: It’s easy to think about the way the game itself has shaped up (so far), but the entrance is simple.  The depth of the game was not cut out.  I want to make this work a deep fighting game like we conventionally do.

Katano: I wish I could get rid of the fact that it’s going to be difficult to look at (and play).  In conventional games, there is also a system that allows combos to be played by a series of buttons, and I think there are many people who were able to enter fighting games genre via that route as a result.  Even if such a system is implemented, with good mechanics in it, there currently isn’t any.  Even if there was a back-to-back combo, it doesn’t seem easy from the point of view of people who don’t play fighting games, and I think they (still) don’t know what’s going on.  In this game, if you don’t usually play fighting games, you want to cherish the way the game plays and actually SEE what’s going on.

Ishiwatari: That’s our ‘key word’.

Katano: Not everything has been decided because it’s still under development at the moment, but I would like to make the game a game that can touch a wider audience in a way that is different from the usual approach of ARC System Works.

Ishiwatari: When I was making the GUILTY GEAR SERIES in the first place, I had a problem that I couldn’t solve because of how much I “knew” about GUILTY GEAR.  With this new GUILTY GEAR (work), we are in the process of reviewing whether or not that problem can be solved.

Katano: Even in Japan, Guilty Gear was built very strong, meanwhile from the starting line, even people who played the games for a long time changed with each numbering.  I’m not denying that, but there’s also the idea that if you want to market the game as a “completely new game”, it might be better to make it a flat game system for a variety of players.

[What are your new challenges and goals in this work?]

Ishiwatari: I think the game itself is the challenge, rather than what we should do with this part.  “GUILTY GEAR”, but I was thinking about where to power up so far.  However, in this work, as GUILTY GEAR had up to now, being built from scratch is something that’s never been done before, and I think in that instance leaving things that way was good up to now.

Katano: Up to now, the GUILTY GEAR SERIES and ARC System Works games have had a lot of approaches towards Japan, and Japanese players have been very strong (as a result).  I would like to take on the challenge of approaching the entire world further through the game system and promotion.  I don’t want to play a game that you can’t play unless you’ve played the original GUILTY GEAR or someone who was born and raised in the game center (arcades).  I hope I can play equally on ANY device!

Ishiwatari: GUILTY GEAR has mainly been in Arcade Game Centers, and there are many people who play with Arcade sticks, and we were developing games based on that.  However, if you look overseas, the penetration rate of arcade sticks is very different, and there are many people who are playing on the pad.  Well, there’s part of me thinking more than ever about what to do if I play this on the pad.  Competition becomes difficult if you press so hard in to it, but this time it’s just “GUILTY GEAR”, so let’s stop competing for difficult combos.

[May appeared in the latest PV, and I got the impression that she has grown up, in the current time period, will this be a time-skip future story beyond Rev2?]

Ishiwatari: I think that the change in time period is not set in stone, but the design was able to be considered as things changed.  As a world setting, it is being continued as a basis, but it’s not a story about a distant future.  It’s still a story after Rev2.

[Speaking of GUILTY GEAR, it is also one of the attractions that the music and BGM are composed by Mr. Ishiwatari and used in these works.]

Katano: I’m asking Naoki Hashimoto to do the theme song for this one, just like in Xrd.  Ishiwatari is also in charge of the music.

Ishiwatari: Just like how the pattern has changed, it may be that the location and routes have also changed (in his music).

[The most interesting part of the PV was the scene where the character swept away and the stage changed.  From the perspective of ASW’s past works, I think there is a system-like function rather than just directing, but do you think about that?]

Ishiwatari: Our exclusive patent is to balance fighting games and incorporate them into our philosophies no matter what we do.  It’s definitely not just a production.

[ARCREVO AMERICA 2019 seems to be able to hold several demos, what kind of game will be played there?]

Katano: It’s not full spec, but you can play something that’s easy to understand about the game.  Please wait for more information about the available characters.  It was also announced that it will be released on the PlayStation 4, but it is not an exclusive title to the PS4.  For other measures, please wait for more information.”

Altered moves we saw from the trailer. Remember we still need to see the moves list to be sure so just keep this in mind until then.

Sol Badguy:

Sol’s 5K *still in*

Bandit Revolver: Now hits sideways… looks VERY powerful/damaging.

Sol’s 2H appears to be a flaming uppercut bash with OutRage Mk2.  Lots of elemental damage there.  Launches too.  (Someone said it reminds them of Blockhead Buster.)

5P/6P move (good linker, seems to work between chains either as a starter or mid-combo)

Sol’s “close” S/H move appears to cause ground bounce if it hits squarely in to wall splat.

Volcanic Viper *still in*

Wild Throw *still in, with stronger Camera effect*

New 5H (reminiscent of Sol’s Y- flame slashes from GG2 Overture), huge knockback, semi-dust hit animation.  Can wiff on Ky’s backdash though.

6H animation *still in* (based on Revelator’s version)

5D Dust animation is the same as it was in Revelator.  Dust camera goes towards the character starting the Dust combo at a high angle now instead of behind and below them like Xrd did.

Dust air combos seem to also have a slightly different pattern that either leads to a knockdown automatically or just basically have a different moveset of air moves, since Sol’s Bandit Bringer (old j.H for Order-Sol) is his knockdown move instead of a j.Dust as a finisher.  This may be because of the stage transition feature.

j.S and j.H appear to remain unchange (unclear if j.H still hits twice or not like before though).

2D (crouching dust sweep) still in… and probably STILL a low-profile move.

Tyrant Rave: still the same 1-2 punch but with different camera and explosion effects… Sol has a different facial expression too.

Ky Kiske:

New 5H/6H move, reminds me of his old 6H from Accent Core, follows up in to old Stun Dipper.

New move, which I assume is Needle Spike, seems to hit twice at certain heights, is probably an overhead like Greed Sever used to be.

Ky’s 5K returns (but now facing the front instead of the back)

Additional K move (not 6K, but might be an additional 5K-K followup)

2+Dust (crouching Dust sweep) is the same for Ky as before.

Vapour Thrust returns, and looks different depending on which way Ky is facing. (might be different animations depending on which side of the screen you’re on, or have stance flipping like Mortal Kombat games do)

Ky’s 2H (crouching Heavy Slash) has a different animation but is functionally the same as before.

New “Nameless” move… a red lightning sphere appears and Ky appears to cut downwards with it or follow up with a more powerful Stun Edge… reminds me of Accent Core’s Lighting Sphere > Charged Drive Forcebreak, but appears to be a multi-option move depending on how Ky follows up with it, meaning it has different followups he can use, mid-screen or in the corner.

Ky’s j.S remains unchanged relatively.

New aerial “flip slash” could be a j.2S or an alternate j.H animation, unclear… but can be used close to the ground and doesn’t have as a large a hitbox as older j.H for Ky players.

Aerial Vapor Thrust has a Lightning Crest and a “reverse animation” compared to normal Vapor Thrust.

Ky appears to have some kind of “backstab” move that causes a blowback on hit… similar to his old Lane Back-slash from GG Isuka.  Might be a 1H or 3H input… unclear.

Vapor Thrust also appears to have a Dust Launcher property (similar in fact to the first Guilty Gear’s Dust Mechanic that launched in absurd ways on counter-hit).

Ride the Lighting: slightly different animation/startup, but still hits about 4 times.

It was also mentioned that Wind physics will affect things like how clothing flows during fights.

That’s it for now… more later on!!”

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