Fire Force Ep 10 The Promise Breakdown

In this post we will be breaking down Fire Force Ep 10 The Promise. This will contain spoilers so please check out the episode before looking this over. AGIAN SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Now first off we don’t really see how Arthur made it back to company 8 church but he did. As well as Hibana as she seems to have not gotten into the habit of tormenting’s Obi with locker pranks. (For some reason he blames Shinra and we don’t know why when it says Gorilla on it indicating Hibana)But she is here for the game captain meeting. Basically with what happened with Rekka the pope has asked all fire soldier captains as well as Shinra and Tamaki to report in.  This is we see this place dynamic shift with Hibana entertaining Maki and the sister to Tamaki attacking Shinra. (Something that I am surprised Hibana is letting happen with getting Tamaki for some reason.)

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Now this leads up to them going to the pope which is on the way we spot Joker is there as well. Infact he is waiting there for Shinra it seems as well as the companies. The companies are introduced as company 2 is to the military, Company 3 is Hajima industries similar to Hibana and company 5. We also get to see company 4 and company 7. Company 7 captain is then told to us to be the strongest there is and he seems to have a temper issue. He also seems to be wearing clothes similar to Joker at least in color. But with him we see that thee is another fraction and thus he sees he has no reason to listen to the pope.

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Benimaru Shinmon then leaves and they all act like he wasn’t even here. They then go into what Shinra learned from Rekka. Shinra gives his report but asked about Adolla burst. We learn that it is a pure flame but that seems very vague and we also learn that it is more than that. It has abilities such as sensing when the fire bugs are being used as the flames around Shinra ankles seems to react. But the meeting ends with Shinra sticking around to check out the factory only to run into Joker.

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Now Joker isn’t here to fight which seems to sum up this episode as it is basically a reaction by the fire soldiers to what they learned about Rekka and people turning humans into infernals. Knowing that is why Shinra is here Joker tells more about his brother. He tells him that he isn’t just with the evangelist but he is high ranking in them. Thus is Shinra is going against them he will be taking on Sho. Joker leaves him with this and unfortunately everyone can tell that something is off.  Even when crazy things like Tamaki somehow going from overalls to being naked in an apron.

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Yes it is fan service but is crazy how she goes in to help make dinner only to wined up naked in an apron. Anime I know but is one of the funny moments when your laughing just because of how you are contemplating how. But this leads the Lieutenant explaining to Shinra that he can trust them and over dinner he explains what Joker told him about Sho. Arthur asked if they can trust him for good reason as it seems Joker he setting them on a collusion course with the evangelist but it can also be seen as him knowing it was bound to happen. Remember Obi was investigating this and meant to look into infernals as well as other companies. Even with that out of the way they must deal with the information.

The dedicates themselves to the helping Shinra get his brother back. This is important as you must remember the pope ruled the evangelist and those who work with him traitors to be taken out. This would probably apply to Sho who was taken by them and you can argue brainwashed as he might not know that they are the ones who might killed his mother. We don’t know how he is. But what we do know is that Joker was telling truth as we see an image of the white cloaks praying and Sho at the front. What does this make him to them is something we will have to find out as well as why 119 was left out to dry for some reason.

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