The King Of Fighters XV Trend SNK Seperating Chris From Orochi

As we look forward to what SNK is planning to do with The King Of Fighters XV one thing many people are looking forward to is seeing is the return of the team Orochi. While what form they will come in is the big question the one that this concerns the most is Chris. I saw this as I think they SNK is trying to separate Chris from The Orochi something that has been linked to him since KOF 97.

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Now to be clear I do not mean his power I mean Orochi himself. This as I noticed 2 points where Chris is separate from the all mighty entity. If you joined in KOF XIII and don’t know Chris is one of Orochi hakkashu. And not just any member but one of the heavenly kings. He was introduced an killed in KOF 97. He was killed when his Orochi power awakened and he was killed by Yashiro to help bring Orochi into this world. At this point he became the vessel.

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Now Chris would appear in dream matches as well as games that show the Orochi saga as SNK kept the main series going but revisited this saga many times. But in the dream matches Chris would have a move where he transforms into Orochi and the turn back. he had in both dream matches. In fact Mugen editors and character makers can’t help but make Chris with the option to transform into Orochi. But recently in 2 things we see Chris being shown separate from the Orochi. 1st KOF Destiny the mobile game. We see Orochi fighting Kyo, Chizuru and Iori with the heavenly kings being awakened after he is sealed.

But this is a mobile game interoperation. What about the main series. Well KOF in XIV we see Orochi sealed by the sacred treasure team  and in SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy we see that despite Orochi defeat Chris is very much alive.

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This might be going into my theory that we will get to dive into these character who only got a small time in the spot light. But what does this mean for Chris Orochi power. In The tencent game we still see Chris can transform into Orochi but he still has own moves new and old to show off.

This has me thinking if this is the road that SNK goes down that they can have it both ways. Chris can be separate from Orochi but since he was the vessel he can tap into its power more than the other Orochi members. Thus he can be Orochi for a short period. Another is that once in awhile when Chris loses complete control He channels acts as Orochi. Basically a fake version that can use a minimal of the real one true power. This would go into more giving Chris personality outside of being a willing sacrifice to the Orochi. Also as I said before in my other post on this subject we need to see how SNK treats the new face team as going completely Orochi was for story sake. Now that Orochi resurrection isn’t the priority we can see how this rock band tries to balance there past selves trying to break through.

But those are my thoughts. let me know what you think of the idea of Orochi being separated from Chris. I will get back to those who respond. below you will find Chris gameplay from KOFD to show my point about him being separated.

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