What If Shadow Hearts 3 Combo

Machida Matsuzo said in his interview that Shadow Hearts From The New World was a spin and not true sequel to Shadow Hearts Covenant. He stated that Yuri father and Kurando father would be part of the party. With this series we have been looking over what this game would look like. This time we will be looking into Combo.

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First lets talk about the combo system.  Combos were introduced in Covenant and carried over into From The New World. In covenant you had to stand next to your team mate to have a combo until you had a ratio with them of 100  %. From this you would combo from the start of battle every time with this person. You can go from 2 persona to your whole team. In From The New World you had stock gauge which allowed you to not only combo but double attacks.

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Both systems had combo magic. At the end of the combo you can perform a powerful spell. The combo had to be of you whole team in Covenant where the spell would be unknown until you used it. In From The New World this would require the one casting to have 2 stock bars. Each element had 1 spell for it. From flame mine for fire and meteor for dark to tempest for non elemental.

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The combos can be interrupted of prevented. In covenant as the enemy formed you just knock them away from each other with a hard knock down. In From The New World we had hard knockdown as well as certain spell that got rid of stock bar. In From The New World you cannot use attack that got rid of stock in combo attacks.

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With this in mind how would we proceed with the combo system in Shadow Hearts 3? We should evolve it but to do that we need to decided what is to stay which I think should be the stock system From The New World. While some find this to be broken you can prevent the combo as well perform it. The only thing is we will make it 4 instead of just 2. This will be for both the double attack and combo system. Stock was used for solo double attacks as well as double attacks during combos.

Image result for shadow hearts from the new world double attackImage result for shadow hearts from the new world combo

The new stock numbers will be for new attacks such as for double attacks as well as combo attacks. For double it will be a special attack that character can use during this time. Each character will have 2 one as normal physical and the other magic. To use this they will need 3 stocks. During a double combo if they wish to use this attack they will need 4. This number will also be needed for combo magic  and special combination. A special attack that the character can do with certain people. Lets say you have Jinapchiro (Yuri father) and Krunado father and Saki. The 3 can do a special attack called one family with Jinpachiro using fusion to match Saki fire element to complete a sword attack from Kiheita. This would be similar to Grandia extreme but the price tag will be all the stock gauage for the whole party if all 4 are involved.

Image result for grandia xtreme team special attacks

The reason why I introduced the special attack added to combos beside combos magic is 2 reason. 1 is that the combo only got doubles added in from the new world with the stock gauged as management. With this we get more evolved. It might be too much but this is ideas at the moment. Another is that some bosses seem to call combo magic by themselves with no coast. This would give the team a difference.

Image result for shadow hearts from the new world bossesImage result for shadow hearts from the new world bosses

For now those are my thoughts on this. Again these are my thoughts. If you have any thoughts or ideas on Shadow Hearts please comment and I will let you know what I think about it. I believe as you have notice with these what if post that this series can be brought back. Hopefully if you are reading this as well as the other you do to.

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