King Of Fighters XV Rugal Or Omega Rugal

As we await news of The King Of Fighters XV fans imagination runs wild as they guess who could be in the game as well as who deserves it depending on the character. One of the is Rugal and while we did discuss about the possibility of him entering the game with and without a team. I figured we should look over which one we will get.

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This is due to the fact that Rugal has 2 forms normal and Omega. Both have been updated through KOF history and even outside of it. With the likely hood that Rugal might appear in KOF XV we should give some thought to the series first boss of the solo franchise might appear and in what manner.

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Lets look back at Rugal history. Rugal took over the tournament after Geese as the arms dealer was bored. He held the tournament to entertain himself. The issue is he loses to Kyo to which he wanted revenge. IN KOF 95 Rugal returned not only turning Kyo father against him but introduced the power of the Orochi as well as Omega Rugal. Even though Rugal would die due to losing control of the Orochi power these 2 forms of him would be cemented into SNK fans mind when thinking of the powerful arms dealer.

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To give you an idea of this we have seen Rugal appear along side Omega Rugal as the boss form of him in both dream matches. Now this is due to the developers favoritism but we also see this happen outside of SNK. In Capcom vs SNK 2 Rugal is a boss along side Akuma with both getting alter versions. Akuma gets Shin Akuma and Rugal get God Rugal which is basically Omega Rugal as it is him tapping into a higher power. Interesting enough Capcom has Rugal representing Orochi and Akuam Dark Hado. Basically who ever wins gets the other power added to there own.

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The reason why this is interesting is because Rugal was never shown to be in control of the Orochi. Remember he died losing control have the power kill him. But counting the dream matches that is the only time he died that way. In The dream matches he dies laughing as though it was just a fun time for him even in defeat. This brings us to KOF XV. If Rugal does come back the question of him not only control the Orochi power but being able to handle it will be something fans will be interested in.

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It will be interesting as it will not only change Rugal Lore but also Orochi. Orochi power was implanted in Rugal by Goenitz. He never swore to him and he wasn’t part of the Hakkashu. So this would mean that Goenitz basically made Rugal one of them without him knowing. But that is not all as we don’t what this will make Rugal.

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Will he be one of the blood riot like Iori and Leona. Tapping into the Orochi power a little big changing there hair and eyes also making them feral and vicious doing so? Or will he be like the heavenly kings who can access Orochi power and while it does seem to alter there personality as well remember that is because the Orochi power comes with there past selves. At least that is what we have seen thus far. The last option is of course Rugal being able to access the power Orochi but not be effected by him mental at all. This would make him similar to Yamazaki. But out of all the people to access Orochi power he is at the bottom to me. Which means if Rugal was to be on par with Yamazaki in terms of access to Orochi power it might mean he one of the lowest amounts.

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But there is another option to this. This alone can be Rugal arc as we see him gain more access to the Orochi power but as he gains more power he struggles to keep his control mentally. That is one option but there is another and that is having Rugal with out the his Omega form. We are asking for Rugal to appear and while we demand for both of his forms we might only get one. In this form we can get Rugal but similar to Leona and Iori he channels his omega forum for his strongest DMS and Neomax move.

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Another option would be Omega Rugal as one of his goals. We don’t know how the memory of these returning characters will be and SNK could have it so Rugal remembers the power he had but not how he got. This could have him trying to get that state using different means. Of course that is if we get Rugal let alone his more powerful side. But I just I hope if we do get him that they never give him his KOF 98 Krauser wave ever again. Let me know your thoughts on this. As to what matter do you think Rugal will come back.

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