Fire Force Ep 11 Formation Of The Special Company 8 Breakdown

Hello  everyone. With this post we will be going over Fire Force Ep 11 Formation Of The 8th. This post will contain spoilers so please stop know and check out the episode before proceeding any further. AGIAN SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Okay so first this is basically a 2 half anime. The first is a flash back to show us how the 8th came to be or at least how its member met with the second half continuing in modern day. This all basically started when going over there files the 8th se they may the white clad people before. Seeing this file made the other ask how did this happen and it basically broke down to Hinawa and Obi since they formed it. Mainly Hinawa since Obi can’t handle public speaking to well.

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The flash back shows us with Hinawa in training with Maki reporting to him even then admitting that she doesn’t want to hurt anyone but yet trains. But what really sets this in motion is when Hinawa has to kill his friend who turns into an infernal but can’t pull the trigger. The reason being is that he wanted to respect his friends beliefs.

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Now Hinawa sees company 3 match box and follows it to a fire where he meets Obi. Obi is seen basically butting heads with the captain of company 3 over the point system. Basically in order to keep his team motorvaited the captain came up with a point system with the more dangerous the infernal the more points it is worth. If this sounds familiar it is because this is how some hunter value gain the bigger and badder the anime the more it is worth. At least in bragging point. This is supposed to keep the company spirit up but in realty it sounds as though they made a game in how they take of people who have turned into infernals. But with said Obi decides to take out the other infernal since the company doesn’t seem to want to get to him any time soon.

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Now with this Obi is followed by Hinawa where he explains himself and why he couldn’t pull the trigger. Obi tells him it isn’t about believing god but doing what you can for the person whose life you are about to take out. Basically do this with meaning and dignity to showing them respect. Liking how Obi thinks Hinawa stuck with him to get started in forming the 8th.

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Now from this we go to current day which we meet up with the 7th. The 7th is said to be the vigilantly core which I think it is basically them saying that they are separate from the temple of Sol as this district seems really different from the rest of the empire. The empire basically can be seen as westernized Tokyo and this district is old school. We will see this in more ways than one. Later but Company 8 calls 7th saying they will be there in second with the captain Benimaru saying I don’t want them here only to have them come to his door. That is after we see these 2 girls show Benimaru is a bad role model.

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Now as Shinra tries to get him to help them an infernal is spotted. Now with this things get crazy as with most of the series we have seen infernals seen as things to stay away from and here it is a party. Everyone comes out you get this performance only to have Benimaru just simply punch the guy through. Now for us and Shinra it is different because we have different view points.

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For most of the empire it is grieving and fear here it is party saying I will go out my way. But that isn’t the only as here Atsushi decides to introduce the concept of a compound fire solder meaning they can control flames as well as emit them. This might be one of things that push Benimaru to be the best in fire soldier but we don’t know as the episode basically ends with him eating sweats.

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