Tsukihime Remake Being Play Tested

Tsukihime Remake news as during an interview about Fate/ Grand Order Nasu mentioned the current state of the game. Right now it is being play teste he said and that older gamers will like it.

“We’re currently doing a bit of test playing on it, but I believe it’ll be more fun the older you are.” Nasu

At the moment we don’t know much about the game other than the look that the Nasu and the team are going for. We don’t know the system or even what type of game it will be. But hearing more about is always good considering we have been hearing close to nothing for a long while.

How much more will we hear is unclear as you have to remember that Nasu promised something big for Tsukihime during next year golden week.  Now with that being said us hearing more about the game can always happen. Just because there is a big event doesn’t mean we can’t hear more about the game before then.

If you are interested I will post the original link to the interview below along with the English article. This part of the interview is mentioned on the 3rd page to help narrow it down close to the bottom.




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