Seven Deadly Sins Why Escanor At Full Power Fell To Meliodas Back At The Day

Seven Deadly Sins recent chapter was a flash back showing how Escanor became part of the sins. During this flash he went against Melidoas at full power and lost. Some might ask how is this possible when we have seen Meliodas at full power tie with Ecanor.

We must remember that Escanor hasn’t just been showing his true power during the day but gradually gathering the sun light. Thus when he fought Meliodas in current time he was stronger than back then. Something that Merlin notes when she gentle knocks on his chest and falls back wards from the fight. This showed that he spent the access power he had stored up.

Now we have confirmed that Escanor power is in fact Mael one of the four arc angles. Not only that but Mael has been proven to be the strongest one. But as we have seen when it comes to angels and demons in this series it depends on who fighting who. And given there power Escanor didn’t now how to use it other than raw strength. Something that Meliodas has but can also use other feats.

Thus Escanor was outclassed something he has been longing for. The point of the chapter was Escanor was afraid of hurting people all the time. With the sins he found people he can be with who aren’t scared of him. In other words the chapter point was to have him lose so he can see that not everyone fears him and that there are people who can take him on or least handle being around him.

I hope this helps those who might be asking that question.

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