Tsukihime Remake Coming 2020 Chances Growing ???

We got some Tsukihime remake news talking about the game getting tested. This gives fans hope in many ways. Besides us being told they are still working on it you have to take into account that they are at the point in the game development for testing.

For test they are looking for bugs or glitches occurring. What this means for fans is that 2020 date might not be too far off. There was a rumor that the game will be coming out in 2020. Right now we know that Golden week will have something for Tsukihime that much we know. As far as remake that is highly possible because if not most likely. With that being the case a 2020 release may not be out of the question.

If that sounds like a leap think about it this way. We are now getting to a point where companies are starting to show games when they are close to release. Now we did of Tsukihime Remake but they might just be like Square Enix talking about Final Fantasy VII Remake. At least that is what we are hoping for. Still we will see.

The next big for Tsukihime is Golden week next year. But if today is any indication that is not the complete case as Type Moon or Nasu might surprise us with some info or images from the game. Also remember in the interview Nasu said the company will start to focus on a new title from the there other series. Will that be Tsukihime. That is something we will have to see.


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