Fire Force Ep 12 Eve of Hostilities in Asakusa Breakdown

Fire Force Ep 12 Eve Of Hostilities In Askusa is out and we will be breaking it down. Since this is a breakdown it will contain spoilers and as such  I warn you now that if you haven’t seen the episode go check it out it is up now on Funimation. AGIAN SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Now we begin this episode seeing company 8 helping out company 7 as they rebuild. In order to get rid of one infernal Captain Shinmon destroyed a lot of buildings. A nice send off given the views of the situation in this part of Tokyo. But for those who lost there homes they are to stay in the guard house while the town rebuilds. Company 8 decides to help. Well most of them as Tamaki can’t keep her clothes on to do so. Anyway we see that this starting to form a good bound with Shinmon who didn’t trust them before.

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During this time we see Konkoro show what happens when a 3rd generation goes to far. Now Rekka was about to do it but we see with him the actual issues with pushing your powers to far that it leaves burns. Burns that will get worse if not taken care off or if he uses his powers as it also kicks in then as well.  But seeing Shinra and company 8 help out shows Shinmon that they are good people and maybe he needs to listen to them. Something that the white clad don’t want.

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But as Benimaru is walking to meet Obi he thinks he sees them talking about turning someone infernal. This sets him off and goes after them not realizing he has been tricked. Keep in mind Benimaru doesn’t trust the government so he is still on edge. Meaning yes they are helping out but he has just meet them so he barely knows them. In that moment most people go with what they know and Benimaru went with his suspicions of them and starts fighting.

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Now this is no contest for most part since Shinmon is a compound fire solder. He can create flames as well as manipulate them and it seems at higher level than what Maki can do as well as the others. This shows Shinra didn’t stand a chance but something does come out of this as we see Obi in action. Remember Obi has no powers which means it is guts and gear with him. Something we see as goes through utility just only getting to head but Shinmon. The fight id brought to a halt thanks to Konkoro  comes up and puts a stop to it using his ability. We then learn that even Shinra was tricked as Obi said he didn’t call him. Shinmon steps out as Konkoro tells him how he wound to the point he needs cold compresses all the time. And we end with Konkoro facing an infernal.

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