Dragon Ball FighterZ Broly Is Coming Soon With Details

Dragon Ball FigthterZ 2nd season roaster is nearly complete as almost all of the DLC characters are out. We are now waiting for one more and today we learn a little bit more about Broly. Coming out soon we get some details on how Dragon Ball Super Broly version is different from the one in the game.

DBS version is normal having his armor and clothing from the movie. Blast meteor will release energy around him as but before you think it will be similar to Bardock where we see him fight in his non super Saiyan form that changes with his high level attack. Gigantic Roar has him transforming and attacking the enemy before finishing it up with a ki blast through the mouth. After this is done he is left in his transform state.

How long he is left in it is not mentioned or for that matter if that is his only gimmick. We will have to see where this goes.  When we see the character in action or get our hands on him.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Broly Information

Broly (DBS) releasing in the near future

Broly (Dragon Ball Super). Appears from the latest Dragon Ball movie.

Powerful single hits and long-reaching throws exemplify this heavy-class character.

Super – Blaster Meteor – Instantly releases energy around him in a big blast

Meteo Super – Gigantic Roar – Transforms to Super Saiyan and rushes forward, putting all his power into one punch. Shattering his own armor, he powers up to his full limit and lets out a powerful blast from his mouth onto his opponent. After it hits, he will continue fighting without his armor, and be in a powered up state.


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