PlayStation 5 Price ???

PlayStation 5 is in the works and info is flying around about it as we try to understand and figure out just what this console will be like and how powerful. Today we have some info regarding the price.

There is a rumor about the price being equal 558.oo US. This rumor may have some facts about as many people are saying this system will be similar in price to the PS3 being up near 5or 6oo. The thing is though we don’t exactly know the price since Sony is arguing that it will not be that pricy.

The reason for this is Ps3 and Xbox 360 were expensive and powerful systems but came behind the Nintnedo Wii which was around 200 at the time. Now both argued the reason for the price being an entertainment system but with few games many took time to buy in. Especially given both systems had hardware issues.

But what will the price for this console be? We will have to see as nothing about this system is written instone just yet other than a few things. When that information does become available thought I will let you know.

Image result for ps5 price leak


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