The King Of Fighters A New Beginning Rounds 17-19-1 Breakdown

The King Of Fighters A New Beginning has had recent chapters translated with 17 to 19-1. With this we get a good picture of the Nest situation shown thus far I figured we should look it over. There will be spoilers so stop now unless you want to be spoiled.

We will begin here as we had Ikari versus Mexico with Ralf and Ramon finishing out the set. Now Ralf was supposed to let Ramon so his team can follow up on Nest but that didn’t happen since Ralf ignored the call. This resulted with the team moving forward ruining there plans as Ralf took out Ramon not easily but not to far out of his reach. Remember we have the strongest human versus a walking nuke or Tank as the magazine showed it.

This leaves them to come up with another plan. Thus we have psycho soldiers. There job is to find Nest base so Ikari can attack it or at least send someone. (Remember they caught up in the tournament so that is out. But where does this leave us as there are still Nest member in the tournament. Well there is no need to worry too  much as Maxima has been listening in and informs them.

With the plan being to attack the base and that they are being watched the team comes up with the idea of being a diversion to keep Nest focused on them so Psycho Soldiers can get in. Well Maxima comes up with K then breaks it down before going to sleep. Kula is hinting about trying to hold back being a small issue. Don’t think of it as gameplay think of it as the fact we have Kula a mid boss with the ability to ice a whole area against one person. That is a lot but still she is hoping K can keep her in line. Something that is put to the test in the first round.

Zarina and Kula throw down with Zarina being out down by the kid with strange yellow gloves. Now here we see a little bit of Kula old self poke out and is about to turn Zarina into ice before K voice snaps her out of it. Team South America then are down 1 as Zarina gives up. But they are also left with the realization that this will be an up hill fight as they are against enhance humans. Oddly enough it is Nelson who mentions this. Odd as yes he is enhance with his robotic arm but you have to keep in mind he has no idea that it is tech from Nest. So for him to say that is something as we go into the next chapter.

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