Fire Force Ep 14 To Whom The Flames Burn Breakdown

Fire Force ep 14 To Whom The Flames Burn is out and we will be going over it. As we breakdown the episode there will be spoilers for the episode as well as previous ones. If you don’t want to be spoiled then stop now and check out Funimation streaming or Crunchyroll for the episode. Or you can wait till it airs on Toonami at which I will remind you it is airing. AGIAN SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Asukasa is in chaos as the white clads plan move forward. Between the impersonators and the infernals people don’t know what to do or who to listen to. Thus why it is important for the statics that Obi says with the 10 percent taking action but not thinking it through causing more problems. 20% runs while the other 70 freeze. This is fright or flight response but it can be over come if you have someone to lead them. To Konroe that is Benimaru and Beni it is vice versa.


Konro make the case to Benimaru that they don’t want a perfect leader in the since they will lead them to battle. It is the fact people see themselves in Benimaru and have come to trust him. When it comes to leaders they aspire you to greatness giving you a path or purpose to live. Or in another fact they can be someone who represents there people. With Benimaru I believe the people of Asakusa trust being one of them and faith in him. Something we see as Benimaru assures them this will not stop him and as such the people sees it as not stopping them either. Thus they do another festival.

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Now this seems like a waste but keep in mind we have seen a copy get blows to the head and then revert back to normal. The same can happen here as everyone just begins to hit each other like crazy. (It is also crazy that for some reason Tamaki and Maki got involved and punched other.) This happens as Shinra and Arthur are fighting with a not only a white clad but one that ate the bug. Keep in mind we have only seen what happens when the bug bites a human and not the other way around. This shows us how the horned infernals are made as well as the fact Shinra is still not over it.

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Now to be fair to Shinra we are talking about the infernal who took his mother life and someone who he puts at the cause of his brother disappearance. Taking into account his issue with it can be seen. But what this leaves to is Arrow of the white clad somehow noticing Shinra is an adola  burst. Remember that this is what the white clad is looking for.

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We learn about this development as the little girls find each other and basically go to work on the people who took the other. This is easy for them as they are pyrokinetic as well and oddly fitting transform into flaming foxes. For those are concerned the beating is off screen as Tamaki and Maki look on.  But only last a second as Arthur and Shinra are no match for the infernal a good thing then that Benimaru appears.

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Now even with all of his power Benimaru can’t take this demon out easily. But he remembered who Konro did it. The one thing about that (other then burning himself out) is that did a lot of damage. In order minimize the damage Benimaru goes air born which is fine until arrow takes aim. Now Konro sees it but he cannot use his ability without hurting himself. But then this leaves Benimaru at the mercy of a shot from Arrow. That is until Konro remembers what Shinra said and calls him. This is interesting as we see Shinra adola burst flames respond to Konro and he knowing who is calling him.

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Shinra catches up to the arrow but this is one shot from Arrow herself. Meaning it is powerful and hard to redirect. Shinra struggles remembering that Arrow told him he is better off with the white clade instead of fire force. Something Shinra despises as he wants to be a hero and he will be one. With that Shinra was able to give Beinmaur his opening and the infernal is done with a bang.

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