Dragon Ball Super Each There Own Path To Power

Dragon Ball Super has not only introduced super Saiyan god giving us another level of power transformations to play with. The series started with Vegeta following Goku But after Tournament of power we see the 2 pure Saiyan on there own paths.

The article I based this on focused on Vegeta and Goku finding not only transformations but methods confirm they will gain strength there own way. This is seen in the recent arc as the 2 look to face Moro there own way.

As a Gohan fan I would like to point out he too was not only renewed in the TOP arc but also shown that he will pursue a power of his own. Through this we see that the manga is showing the cast will be making strides there own way which is in contrast to how it was in DBZ with one Saiyan character gaining a new level with the rest following suit or not at all as is the case with SS3 with the exception of Gotenks .

I said Dragon ball Z as you can ask old school fans and they will tell you that is how Dragon Ball was before we were introduced to the Super Saiyan power. You even see a little bit of it in the Saiyan saga as we see everyone show of there own moves. There own power that they increased in there own ways. So to those people it seems as though the series is going back to that techniques not just relying on raw power.

It is cool as I do want to see that myself. But to be clear that doesn’t mean we won’t see transformations as that is no DB DNA. We saw it with Vegeta and his Super Saiyan God Evolve. I just hope it doesn’t stop there as fans want Vegeta to get stronger as he is the only rival to Goku. How Goku will mast and use ultra instinct to show us he gets stronger and how Gohan tends to become more powerful as a human/ Saiyan hybrid as he was quoted in the tournament. No one wants to go back so lets see how they move forward.

Image result for comicbook.com dragon ball super vegeta


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