The King Of Fighters XV 3D Vs 2D

The King Of Fighters XV is something all SNK fans are looking forward to as we await to see how the game will look and play. This is due to the play style of KOF XIV being widely accepted while the graphics were not. SNK own CEO admitted to this and thus they promised to do better.

But better how? When we look at graphics to a game they are usually separate from gameplay. But they met as one of the reason why we like a game can be because of the look. In other cases we like performing things in games because how they look. For Fighting games graphics can change how a move look and feels. For this we will look at KOF XIV and XIII Climax & Neo Max moves. This is good to look at as while some character got new moves such as Kyo, Terry and Mai there are those who kept there moves just with new animation. These example would be K, Leona, and Joe.

As you see above there is a difference. For the 2D max moves there is a visual appeal and effect that the 3d ones missed. That doesn’t mean the 3D ones were all bad.  Some characters such Andy, Goro and Ralf moves worked better because you get the up close look or in Andy case that harsh replay with the damage coming afterwards.

The 2 styles have there plus and minus in looks but another things to consider is expense 2D artist are rare now hence why everything is going 3d making it the least expensive of the 2. This goes for arc system works as well as team red which is behind Guilty Gear series us 3d models rotor scoped to get that anime look we have seen in the XRd series as well as the new one 2020.

With that in mind with 2d desired but expensive while 3d is costly but not as good we might want to find a middle ground. SNK might have done  that. KOF All Stars showing all the kof characters best supers in a 3d look with 2d effects but that is your phone. For console many are seeing Samurai Shodown  for the best example.

Samurai Shodown 2019 is the best example as it is SNK test run with unreal 4 engine. On top of that we have the combination of camera work with visual effect. The game is doing well fans and critics love but graphics is a downer in one aspect. Fans have shown some disapproval as to how the games graphics resemble SFIV. It acceptable but fans want SNK to come up with there own visual style for there games.

For that some have looked into the art used The King Of Fighters Destiny  videogame. Another mobile game this one has 2d art and effects that fans do like. Some suggest making KOF XV look like this. But I should point out that this isn’t made by SNK. Both mobile games are made by companies using SNK licensing for there characters.

Pleasing but will SNK go for it? We will have to see as we await development to see which rout SNK takes let alone. Until Then.

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I am a gamer into fighting games perferablly such as King Of Fighters and Street Fighters. Also DMC and Ninja Gaiden as well. In recent years I have become a fan of two shooters. Fear and Resistance."
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