The King Of Fighters XV Won’t Xanadu ???

The King Of Fighters XV supposedly won’t be getting any more news until sometime next year. But as the director Samurai Shodown said this he noted that we might not be seeing Xanadu in the next installment.

Image result for kof xiv xanadu

Now Xanadu was one of the newest character characters making  a team of him Choi and Chang. SNK wanted a certain reaction but didn’t get it. I saw certain as we didn’t what hopes they have for the most dangerous criminal in the world. My guess is they want to see him played a lot but not all odd characters make a big splash for the good reasons

He basically slaps , yells at you and for a majority of the time. He even has a move where he cradles you like a baby until he crushes your spine.  And then there is his climax which is basically him beating you up only to be stopped by a eureka moment. No really.

Again I don’t know what SNK wanted as a reaction.  But I should also pointed that this is guess work as this is the feeling right now. We could be wrong and because fans didn’t get him last time Xanadu gets another round to a make an impression on us. I don’t we will have to see.

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