Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Bartz, Cloud, Squall & Terra

We have more characters for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT with Bartz, Cloud Terra and Squall.  We have new videos on top pf descriptions from the website for all expect for Squall who for someone reason has nothing at the moment. This might change so lets say at the moment.

Bartz Klauser

Bartz Klauser is a focused combatant set out to balance the rights and wrongs. He is a brave young man with skills to land stronger attacks the more they are used in battle.

Terra Branford

Terra is skilled in long-range combat using her expertise in casting spells. With her strength in magic, she can perform multiple projectiles against an opponent or cast advanced spells that deal significant damage.

Cloud Strife

A mercenary in his own right, Cloud is a reserved yet powerful swordsman. His specialty during combat ranges from sending enemies flying with his sword or charging attacks that a deal great amount of damage.

Squall Leonhart

No description available.”


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Shenmue III New Characters & Lakshya Digital

We have news on Shnmue III as a new character picture is posted online. The picture is to explain that there will be many new characters in this entry.  “We gave a first look of this character earlier. You’ll have to wait and see how she fits in with the temple in the background.” But that is not Ys only news. This article also speaks of a partner to work with them on the game in Lakshya Digital.  Ys explain the partnership below.

Shenmue III will have a host of new, compelling characters from all walks of life.

And while we can’t say just how many, it will be a lot! The game art studio Lakshya Digital will be cooperating with us to bring these great characters to life. Lakshya Digital is based in Gurgaon (one of India’s financial and technology hubs) and has studios in Pune and Seattle, where production work for the game is underway.”


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Dragon Ball FighterZ Goku Black, Beerus & Hit Confirmed

3 more characters have been confirmed for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Goku Black, Beerus and Hit are the 3 new characters confirmed. For those who figured they were coming out good job.

The images shows Goku Black in super saiyan rose using his scythe as well as summons Zamasu  for some attacks and a super. Beerus using orbs of catastrophe to attack the enemy with. Hit gameplay makes use of what we have seen with his control of time.

The other big thing besides the character reveal is dramatic action which takes place at the end or beginning of the match. Basically this has you performing actions right out of the anime. I am going with ending since these show defeats mostly. The examples are Kid Buu being destroyed by Goku using a super spirit bomb. Yamcha being killed by a siaberman and Goku fall to earth after losing to Beerus.  We also have Krillin being killed by Frieza.


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Dualshockers On Lost Soul Aside

Lost Soul  Aside was at PSX 2017 in demo for attends to try out. Well today Dualshockers.com Azario Lopez walks us through the experience he had with the early build. Which was a short demo.

If you have not seen it yet you have two enemies and one boss. A battle which Lopez say was very difficult.  While the game is being compared to Devil May Cry because of the launcher I think it is more Nina Gaiden since you can charge the moves as well move at high speeds. Plus there is that NG difficulty. Yet Lopez also says the game has come along way as it is fluid action and beauty just hit you.

To give you idea of that I will post PlayStation Access video of it so you can see how good it was to look at. I will also post videos of people enjoying the heck out of it.


As always thank you for reading.

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Capcom Switch What The WII Didn’t Have

Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto is blown away about how well the Switch is doing. So much so that he wishes on bringing games that have not been on Nintendo consoles to the newest one in the family.  Now what exact games is talking about we don’t know. But given Capcom large library it means we are looking at a good number of them.


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Fighting Ex Layers Allen 68 Hits /Darun 100 % Death Combo & More

Fighting Ex Layers has two new videos out. We have Allen with his 68 hits video showing off the super cancels that the series is into with Darun. Now Darun has a death combo which if you are interested you can check out below. There are also other videos that have been posted as well. If you want to check them out you can below but also remember that the game is not finished. What I am saying is that what you see in this build might not be there when it is finished.

Article 1:https://www.eventhubs.com/news/2017/dec/12/desk-pulls-devastating-68-hit-allen-snider-combo-fighting-ex-layer/

Article 2:https://www.eventhubs.com/news/2017/dec/11/inescapable-power-bomb-super-100-touch-death-combo-and-more-fighting-ex-layer-demo-tech-roundup/

As always thank you for reading.

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Fate/Apocrypha Heroes Pride

So some fights from Fate/ Apocrypha have made there way online. These are the big fights that are ending in servants deaths. Now some of these battles are of course spoilers  so if you do not want to be spoiled look away. If you are in for a good show regardless of the spoils then check it out. I will post the fights I have found along with the one I already did.

As always thank you for reading.

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