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Kotaku PS5 Likely In 2020

There is a question on everyone mind and it is when is PlayStation 5? Many say that the PS4 is at its limit and that it is time for the next generation. The thing we have time before we eve … Continue reading

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Hunter X Hunter Another Hiatus Means New Writers

Hunter X Hunter is once again on Hiatus. The reason goes once again to Yoshihiro Togashi lower back. The creator and the artist has had an issue with his lower back bring him to put the manga on Hiatus before … Continue reading

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GameStop Revamp

Okay as of August 18 gamestop is revamping is trade in policy so now you get a flat rate. All games get 20 % high return. Those who use power up cards will receive 10% bonus. Also pre-orders and extraneous … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy Type 0 Drama

For those who haven’t heard of the drama surrounding final Fantasy type 0 let me explain as this may need a lot of it. First off at E3 western fans were shocked and joyed to hear about that game coming … Continue reading

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