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Noruma talks more about Final Fantasy XV

Before he we go into Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 I find funny how we couldn’t get one bit of information on FFXV but now we can. Just mentioning something. Anyway as the title suggest Noruma is talking … Continue reading

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Offical Sqaure Enix info date on Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Before I begin no, this is not a rumor but a fact. Tetsuya Nomura the director of Final Fantasy Versus XIII has stated that they are gearing up to release more information on the Versus. Tetsuya also mentioned that Final … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy fans have faith

I have more news regarding final fantasy versus xiii. The director Tetsuya Nomura has given a statement in regards to gameplay. He says that the game play has greatly improved. The game play will be a mix real-time rendering and prerendered animation with 70 % of the game … Continue reading

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